AMA- Travel Professionals versus Doing it yourself!

Rowena Daniels: Hi Nicola, Although it is exciting to get to a destination unplanned, I personally would not do it, especially if you are travelling solo- safety aspect, or in a group- availability. The costs of accommodation, tours, meals and transport can be more …
Jul 20, 2018

Bulgaria has lost over 25% of its population to emigration. I have gone the other way. Why? I am not sure, to be honest? Ask Me Anything and if I know I will let you know.

Pat O Neill: Hi Ivan.  It is still early days but so far so good.  I like the vibe of Sofia.  People seem nice and it feels a safe place to live.  Anywhere I go I like to experience that country's traditions.  I want to explore the food but most of all I love hea…
Jul 20, 2018

Trot the world with me!! Ask me anything on travel.

Nidhi Saraf: I am from India and oh there are so many things to promote about India. It is culturally rich, lots of heritage and colors. You also get like beaches, mountains, wild life, different weathers and so manu different kinds if cuisine. And since India is…

AMA introduces Xoobies – a phenomenal new app focusing on the customer experience and changing the way to explore a destination. Xoobies successfully launches; opportunities to invest are still available for those who don’t want to miss out

Michele Smith: Xoobies has presented to several local Angel groups and individual investors.  Overall the response has been good, to get a picture of how much we've raised to date not including our existing campaign, please check out our profile at…
Jul 20, 2018

Interested in obtaining dual citizenship with Italy? We started the process 11/2015 and still on the journey, AMA!

Ilene Modica: I don't quite understand the question. My country right now, is the United States. Not sure what aspects of italy would make me love the US. Sorry.

AMA: anything about Travel to Tibet, such as preparations, best places or time to visit. Samye Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Pabonka Hermitage, Ganden Temple, Drepung Monastery, etc. You can visit all of them no matter what region you believe in.
Jul 19, 2018

Hi! I am Celi Baker! An entrepreneur with a serious case of "travel bug". Ask me anything about travelling.

Celi Baker: Hi Gayane!I haven't been to India but would love to plan a Soul Trip there maybe next year!? 

Ask Me Anything About How To Become a Travel Blogger Without Actually Doing It

Veneric Flores: You write what did you experience. Don't follow certain method because you will have difficulty in writing a content. Every blog is different even though you fall in same niche.
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