A travel blogger based out of London. I’m happier when I travel. AMA about my adventures!

The traveller
Sep 8, 2018

Hi, I am a travel blogger based out of London. I have a blog site and supported by Facebook and Instagram. My travels are aimed at mid to luxury holidays, and I travel with my family. Read all about our adventure from across the globe. My site details are www.thetraveller.me. Happy travelling.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Happy to share any information from my travel posts.  Looking for collaboration all the time so if you have any ideas please feel free to co tact me. 


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What has been your most memorable travel experience so far? What made it so memorable?
Sep 9, 8:03PM EDT0

My most memorable travel has certainly been Iceland and I would recommend it to any travel enthusiast. 

Sep 10, 5:35PM EDT0
Why did you decide to do travel blogging? What challenges do you face while doing it?
Sep 9, 11:13AM EDT0

I lived travelling and as the memories started fainting through this was a great idea to remind me of those special moments and also to help fellow travellers. I would struggle to get information sometimes so this was a great way of helping out. 

Sep 10, 5:36PM EDT0
How many hours do you work on posting your content? How often do you upload new posts?
Sep 9, 10:47AM EDT0

I have a full time job as well so I try and put in work through the day. On an average you looking at a minimum of 4 hrs. If you work on a blog site and social media. I try and post at least 3 to 4 posts a month. 

Sep 10, 5:37PM EDT0
What plans do you have in the future for your blog?
Sep 9, 3:16AM EDT0

Looking at collaboration and reviews apart from travel posts. 

Sep 10, 5:38PM EDT0
What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?
Sep 9, 12:51AM EDT0

Organic traffic the best form and I  working hard to increase this. General public students and families.  Reaching out to as many as you can key. 

Sep 10, 5:39PM EDT0
How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?
Sep 8, 7:49PM EDT0

Dedication and hard work. Don’t give up. I work on lunches breaks and after dinner on the blog. 

Sep 10, 5:39PM EDT70
What would be your ideal working environment?
Sep 8, 3:08PM EDT1

I don’t think I could find that ideal environment. You need to balance and that is ideal for me. 

Sep 10, 5:40PM EDT0
What are some of the highs and lows of travel blogging?
Sep 8, 12:55PM EDT0

There are some great hogs when you get people following and appreciating your work. Similarly when it goes unnoticed is a downer. But you pick up yourself and work on the next one. 

Sep 10, 5:41PM EDT0
What’s been some of your favourite destinations and why do you prefer them?
Sep 8, 12:07PM EDT0

Iceland. For urs unparalleled natural beauty. Austria 🇦🇹 recently a very travel friendly clean and historic country. Love Thailand as well fir some good food and beaches. 

Sep 10, 5:43PM EDT0
How do you fund all your traveling?
Sep 8, 10:14AM EDT0

It’s my family holidays and this is after hard work through the year on my day to day job. 

Sep 10, 5:43PM EDT0
Do you have any travel tips or advice for people who might want to start a travel blog?
Sep 8, 2:57AM EDT0

Start travelling first thing. Be it local or international make a start. Start jotting down things that you would want to know when you travelling to a new place. Collect content and start off. 

Sep 10, 5:44PM EDT0
Have you tried monetizing your blog? If yes, how? Adsense? Advertising? Affiliate?
Sep 8, 2:21AM EDT0

First few months was working on the content. Now that I have done so looking at working with Adsense. 

Sep 10, 5:45PM EDT0
Why do you think collaboration is important to the bloggers?
Sep 8, 1:36AM EDT0

Its a great partnership for both yourself and the people you are collaborating with. Increasing your footprint getting help travel and engaging with more people. 

Sep 10, 5:46PM EDT0
How often do you post on your blog and also how consistent are you with your Facebook and Instagram marketing?
Sep 7, 9:56PM EDT0

I try and post at least 3 posts a month. All my content is mine including photos.  They are based on my own travels and posts are not just photos so does take time. I balance it with social media. Both instagram and Facebook

Sep 10, 5:47PM EDT0
What has been your most memorable travel adventure? What makes it the best or why is it the best?
Sep 7, 8:47PM EDT0

As a destination Iceland. It’s a photography heaven and a lot of natural beauty. It’s something like no other country I have visited. But yes it’s expen

Sep 10, 5:48PM EDT0
How does collaborating with brands affect your content, and what has been your favourite brand to work with so far?
Sep 7, 8:27PM EDT0

Collaboration is new for me and I’m working hard on it. It helps with reaching a wider audience with larger brands who have a client base.  Helps you travel and financially if you can get some sponsors.  I have just stated working on collaboration and my first partners have been really great. Marriott and being featured by the Austrian tourism board for my post Vienna 

Sep 10, 5:51PM EDT0
Do you have any favourite travel books you have read or use?
Sep 7, 6:06PM EDT0

I read a lot of blogs and lonely planet my best reads. 

Sep 10, 5:51PM EDT0
What’s your dream kind of trip or where’s somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going?
Sep 7, 5:09PM EDT0

Hawai and the Caribbean are my top bucket list destinations and I’m working on them. 

Sep 10, 5:52PM EDT0
What tips do you have for maintaining a great blog and online presence on the go, and further what has been your experience of the online travel community?
Sep 7, 1:57PM EDT0

Keep original and collect content. Share your information it only in visuals. Make it user friendly and speak a easy language. I’ve had some great help from fellow bloggers. 

Sep 10, 5:53PM EDT0
How do you choose which brands to collaborate with?
Sep 7, 8:18AM EDT0

I’m still learning. But I want to work with brands that fall in line with my thinking and ones I would choose for my holidays. It had to have class and take pride in what they do. 

Sep 10, 5:55PM EDT0
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