Africa's first Gangster Museum !!... Ask Me Anything!

Jun 8, 2018

18 Gangster Museum aims to create awareness of the pitfalls of gangsterism in an interactive and creative manner. The innovatively designed  Museum takes visitors through the journey that sadly befalls so many young people living on the Cape Flats. This journey is facilitated by qualified tour guides as well as young ex-offenders.  Each tourist coming through the museum subsidizes the tour of a youth from the Cape Flats.



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Are there any upcoming collaborative projects coming up at the Gangster Museum?
Jun 21, 2:48PM EDT0
You mentioned that 11 of ex-prisoners are running their own projects now. Can you tell what type of projects are they running? Where can one find more about these projects?
Jun 21, 12:16AM EDT0
Do you feel Gangster Museum has helped people look at criminals differently and they are more acceptable to give them the second chance?
Jun 20, 11:43AM EDT0
Have you exhibited in areas most affected by issues of gangsterism, and if so, what was the response in those places?
Jun 16, 7:45PM EDT0
What have you planned for museum's future for 2018 and how do you plan to achieve all that?
Jun 16, 12:42PM EDT0
Who came up with the name 18 Gangster Museum? What's the story behind it?
Jun 16, 7:17AM EDT0
The maintenance must have required some decent investment? How were you able to fund it and to continue to sustain it?
Jun 15, 6:52AM EDT0

Through tourism industry,because we run tours too.We also funded by Redbull and South African Breweries

Jun 15, 7:05AM EDT0
How much does a ticket to the Gangster Museum cost?
Jun 11, 10:02AM EDT0

R60 per person but you need to book at our website :

Jun 11, 10:20AM EDT0
How large is the Gangster Museum? What can one see during a Bicycle Tour?
Jun 11, 6:40AM EDT0

You can see the 360 view of Khayelitsha,History of the township .we also visit the informal settlements,breakfast at Spinach King( Green Bakery) Khayelitsha Mall and Wall of Rememberance  and also 18 Gangster Museum  and lastly lunch @Randz Cape Town. Braai meat..

Jun 11, 6:46AM EDT0
What are the operating hours of the Gangster Museum? When is it more ideal to visit?
Jun 10, 10:25PM EDT0

During the week and please book with us before you come :

Jun 11, 3:49AM EDT0
Where is the Gangster Museum located? What time are your operating hours?
Jun 9, 9:09PM EDT0

Please refer here :

Jun 10, 1:41PM EDT0

Cape Town ,Khayelitsha 

Book with us at

Jun 11, 3:48AM EDT0
What does a museum tour include? How long does a tour usually take?
Jun 9, 5:42PM EDT0

Short walk in the township houses,session with ex-prisoners,history of Gangs and singing of prison songs. 2hours

Jun 10, 1:43PM EDT0
Should one set an appointment when visiting the Gangster Museum or can one just walk-in?
Jun 9, 9:27AM EDT0


Jun 10, 1:41PM EDT0
What are the other gangster museums that can be found around the world? In which countries are they present?
Jun 8, 6:27PM EDT0
Do you think the museum has the potential to alter the minds of young adults who are considering the lifestyle of gangsterism? Does the museum aim to scare them straight? How do you make sure to convey your message effectively?
Jun 8, 6:26AM EDT0
What was the reason you hired ex-offenders at the museum? What message do want to send with this action?
Jun 8, 5:55AM EDT0

Its a platform for them to be listen and share their stories with public,so that other people they must not follow the same path as theirs. Also its about giving second chance in life as they are not employable due to criminal record.

Jun 8, 7:51AM EDT0
Has the museum received any governmental support and, if so, in what form?
Jun 8, 5:53AM EDT0

We have received support in terms of conducting our programmes for the youth .

Jun 8, 7:49AM EDT0
What does the name of the museum signify?
Jun 8, 5:29AM EDT0

The museum is named after the gang number of South Africa,which is 26,27 and 28's . We added them together and it lead us to 81 then we turned  81 around to be 18.

Jun 8, 7:48AM EDT0
What impact has the museum had on the local community so far?
Jun 8, 1:45AM EDT0

We have worked with more than 13 reformed ex-prisoners and 11 of them are running their own projects now.We have worked with 24 schools in our township and this has helped to mentor the children with their future plans.All this has been done in the space of 23 months.

Jun 8, 2:50AM EDT0
Do you think it's appropriate for kids to visit this museum? How would they understand what it stands for?
Jun 8, 1:37AM EDT0


We mainly working with kids to help them to make wise decisions about their lives.So it is very appropriate to bring kids.

Jun 8, 2:47AM EDT0
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