AMA about Luxury Andaman Tour Package.
Aug 2, 2018

Day wise itinerary: Day1- On arrival, you will be picked up by our well trained professional experienced representative from railway station or airport. You will be heading to start your trip in the Andaman islands.

You will be transported to the respective hotel through the a/c vehicle that has been allotted privately for you. Once you fresh up you will be taken for local sightseeing while your driver will be your local tour guide.

After your sightseeing, your driver will drop you at the inn. Enjoy your evening with the exquisite cuisine of local traditional food.

Day 2- Ross island and north bay, later return to Port Blair.

Day3- Port Blair to Neil island, visit all Neil beaches and stay overnight.

Day4- Neil island to Havelock and visit Radha N beach and elephant beach, overnight stay in Havelock beach resort.

Day5- Havelock o port Blair and visit Chatham sawmill, aquariums, museums, and water sports complex in Port Blair.

Day6- Port Blair to berating limestone caves and the mud volcano.

Day7- Checkout and departure.


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What are the main entry points to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Aug 4, 10:25PM EDT0
What beaches should one definitely visit in Andaman?
Aug 3, 8:36PM EDT0
Is the Cellular Jail open on all days?
Aug 3, 12:08PM EDT1
Are there endangered tribes in the Andamans and can one meet them?
Aug 3, 9:23AM EDT0
Which restaurants in Andaman serve vegetarian food?
Aug 3, 8:13AM EDT0
Is there any age limit for the water activities in Andaman?
Aug 2, 11:28PM EDT0
Are you planning to create the blog posts on your site to share more information on places like Andamans?
Aug 2, 8:22PM EDT0
What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Andaman?
Aug 2, 7:49PM EDT0
Do you offer packages to other parts of the country as well? What's the most sold out package till date?
Aug 2, 1:46PM EDT0
Can one make international calls and access the internet in the Andamans?
Aug 2, 1:24PM EDT0
Where do you see your travel agency in next 4-5 years? What are you doing to attract more customers?
Aug 2, 12:12PM EDT0
How have hotels in the Andaman and the overall hospitality scene evolved in the last few years?
Aug 2, 8:44AM EDT0
What is the culture of Andamans? Are there any religious restrictions on the islands?
Aug 2, 6:01AM EDT0
Can you describe the different types of tours that you offer through your business?
Aug 2, 12:30AM EDT0

Hi Evoh,

definitely, I will describe for you, here are the type of tours we offer.

* family tour

*solo tour

*adventurous tours

* honeymoon tours

* business tours

however, all the tours are subject customization according to client requirement.

Plz drop your queries to

we look forward to you.

Aug 2, 2:39AM EDT0
What, in your opinion, is the cheapest way to travel the Andaman and Nicobar islands?
Aug 1, 9:44PM EDT0

Hi Mel,

Anyone can reach Andamans only 2 ways by air or by sea. Flights from many places you can find but cruise to Andamans you can find only in 3 port areas of India, so best and cheapest way is by Air will be my suggestion.

PLz drop your queries to

Aug 2, 2:44AM EDT0
What are the some of the unknown and lesser-known facts about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Aug 1, 9:04PM EDT0
How much would the trip to Andaman cost?
Aug 1, 7:29PM EDT0

Hi Anshu,

the cost for trip to Andaman depends on  no.of persons, no.of days, type of hotel, etc .HOw ever  it wud cost minimum of INR 11000/- per person for 4 days trip including of private vehicle for 4 days sightseeing, hotel stay with breakfast, cruise and entry tickets, airport pick up and drop. 

Kindly drop your queries and details to

Aug 2, 2:47AM EDT0
What are some of the famous places in Andaman and why are they so famous?
Aug 1, 5:26PM EDT0
Are there endangered tribes in the Andamans and can one meet them? How can one engage with the native tribes of Andaman? Is it allowed to photograph them?
Aug 1, 5:25PM EDT0

Hi Cesargarin,

Yes, it is true that there is an endangered nicobari tribal community, you can see them on the way to Bartang, it's not easy to mingle with them, depends on the current situation if they are willing to communicate with you. 

kindly drop your queries to

Aug 2, 2:50AM EDT0
Why should someone book their Andaman's package from travelrdestiny when there are many other sites like MMT, Yatra etc. offering the same package at reasonable rates?
Aug 1, 1:04PM EDT0

Hi Dear,

Of course, there are many well-known sites like mmt, yatra etc.., everyone has their special services. travelrdestiny has tour operators who are native of Andaman and every employee lives in Andamans and experienced minimum 10 years in Andaman tourism and very well known with every inch of land and seas in islands, where we can provide service to client perfectly. And can handle any situation.

We especially focused on operating Andamans, preferably better than any other well-known agencies.

kindly drop your queries to

Aug 2, 2:56AM EDT0
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