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Maggie Staines
Feb 19, 2018

I work in travel, love to plan trips, enjoy maps and geography.  Working out ways to get places be in local or abroad.   Trying to find a different way to get somewhere,  sussing out a cute little village in the countryside.  Tracing old steps,  eg Kennedy Family Hyannis Port and Camelot.  Memphis TN, and all about where Elvis lived.  Seeing an International Act abroad.  Flying to London, then hire car and drive to Northamptonshire to Althorp (Princess Diana's ancestral home and final resting place).....To name a few.  

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How did you learn about real estate? Are you into the real estate business sector?
Feb 25, 3:46PM EST0
What do you enjoy the most about traveling? How does it help your life?
Feb 23, 3:09PM EST0
Do you like traveling alone or with groups? What do you think about lone travelers?
Feb 23, 3:07PM EST0

Which countries have you visited? Which is your dream destination?

Feb 22, 8:02PM EST0

When you are traveling to a foreign nation, how will you prepare to get accustomed to the new country’s language and culture?

Feb 21, 12:50PM EST0

How do you think your travel is different from the regular trips?

Feb 21, 11:19AM EST0

Do you travel to less-visited places and weird places? If so, what’s your experience?

Feb 21, 8:00AM EST0

What are the best tips you can give to the first-time visitors to London?

Feb 21, 1:54AM EST0

What other things do you like to do other than traveling? How do you make money from these activities?

Feb 20, 6:56PM EST0

What things would you have in your travel bag?

Feb 20, 6:03PM EST0

How do you help people in planning their travel?

Feb 20, 4:22PM EST0

What are the safety suggestions or precautions would you give to the lone travelers?

Feb 20, 1:45PM EST0

Do you go trekking? What are the important tips could you give the trekkers?

Feb 19, 2:44PM EST0

Have you ever traveled with kids or children? If so, what special preparations do you make?

Feb 19, 2:03PM EST0

What is your International Act is all about? What are its purposes?

Feb 19, 10:55AM EST0

What are the difficulties that one could face when moving from a smaller country to the developed nations like the U.S?

Feb 19, 5:36AM EST0

What kind of maps do you take with you during travel? How does it help it?

Feb 19, 4:54AM EST0

What did you learn about the different gestures in different places? Is it difficult to learn new gestures?

Feb 18, 11:56AM EST0

How do you think that the traveling itself has changed today?

Feb 18, 10:11AM EST0

What’s your experience of visiting historic places? What is your learning from those trips?

Feb 18, 9:12AM EST0
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