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Bartosz Sułkowski & Łukasz Rosa
Sep 8, 2017

At DriveSurfing we want to help people with finding cars they can rent from other people. On the other hand, we want to help car owners to earn money. Look how easy it is to rent a car at Join us today and share your car o rent cars from other people. Together we can change the way we think about car rentals. We will try to answer all your questions about the project and car sharing.

We also started fund raising campaign on Indiegogo where for just 1$ you can become one of co-authors of DriveSurfing!


Don't forget to join DriveSurfing today!

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How is liability handled? Is it all on the car owner or does the company have any liability in case of theft or accident?

Sep 8, 3:45PM EDT0

The platform generates a car rental contract. We are working on the offer of additional insurance, which we will present to car owners in the nearest future.

Sep 8, 3:47PM EDT0

DriveSurfing is an interesting choice of name, how did you come up with that?

Sep 8, 12:46PM EDT0

The name was created during the workshops that we did with the team. There were many ideas, but in the end we unanimously chose "DriveSurfing" because it best reflects our idea.

Sep 8, 12:54PM EDT0
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What are the main things people should consider before joining Drivesurfing?

Sep 8, 10:27AM EDT0

Everyone is encouraged to join and share their car. It is a great way to meet new people and help tourists.

Sep 8, 12:43PM EDT0
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Traffic jams and accidents can't be predicted, what happens if a car is not returned on time to the owner?

Sep 8, 8:26AM EDT0

This depends on the rules that are set when you rent a car with its owner. Some people specify the exact price for each additional hour. It is therefore an individual issue for each car owner, and it should be defined in the "Rules" section.

Sep 8, 3:04PM EDT0

If a car is damaged, how fast is the insurance claim process?

Sep 8, 7:33AM EDT0

We are constantly working to improve the car insurance process. We hope that in a moment every owner will receive an appropriate offer from us. At the moment we do not offer additional insurance.

Sep 8, 3:06PM EDT0

You're website is looking very good, do you have a group of individuals that work specifically on the website/marketing tools? 

Sep 7, 8:27PM EDT0

Thank you, we are very pleased with this opinion. At the moment we have a team of 4 people who are working on the development of service and website.

Sep 8, 12:41PM EDT0

Keep up the good work, it looks great! 

Sep 8, 3:36PM EDT0

Do you have luxury cars availble?

Sep 7, 6:51PM EDT0

Yes, for example we have several Porshe cars in Tenerife.

Sep 8, 12:39PM EDT0
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Do you offer the service of a driver to go with the rental service, sort of as a guide while in the city, where you rent the car?

Sep 7, 6:02PM EDT0

It always depends on the owner of the car. For example, in Tanzania one of the owners has a safari trip offer. We give car owners a free hand to create their offer.

Sep 8, 12:38PM EDT0
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What countries are you able to access a car through DriveSurfing?

Sep 7, 5:10PM EDT0

At the moment we have cars in Tenerife, Rhodes, Spain, Tanzania, Philippines, Cyprus and many others. All cities are available on our website - the list is growing every day.

Sep 8, 12:37PM EDT0
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How do you screen the people who participate in DriveSurfing?

Sep 7, 3:29PM EDT0

We try to talk individually with each car owner to get to know him/her better. Additionally, after registration we ask them to send a scan of basic documents such as registration certificate or insurance policy.

Sep 8, 3:08PM EDT0

What are the requirements to participate in DriveSurfing, what happens if someone crashes your car?

Sep 7, 2:38PM EDT0

that sounds scary

Sep 8, 12:33PM EDT0

We always ask the owner to confirm the phone number, e-mail and to we ask to send us a scan of the vehicle registration certificate and the current insurance policy.

The car should be in good technical condition and clean. It is a good idea if the owner offers his help in instructing tourists what to visit and provide car with local GPS navigation.

The platform generates a standard lease agreement template, which the owner should sign with the tenant. The basic tenancy rules are described there. You can always extend this document.

Sep 8, 3:14PM EDT0

What gave you the idea of starting this company? 

Sep 7, 1:50PM EDT0

It was mainly our personal experience with the car rental market during our private holiday trips. But also our market analysis.

Sep 8, 12:35PM EDT0
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How do you qualify people renting their cars - what metrics do you use to ensure the cars are safe, clean and legit? 

Sep 7, 1:33PM EDT0

After registering your car, we are asking to send us appropriate documents such as registration certificate or insurance scan. We also try to talk to every car owner in person.

Sep 8, 12:34PM EDT0

Does the person hiring pick the car up with a full tank of gas/has to return it with a full tank of gas? 

Sep 7, 1:30PM EDT0

It depends on the owner of the car. Everyone can define their own rental rules, which should be accepted before renting a car.

Sep 8, 12:32PM EDT0

I understand, thats a very good idea! 

Sep 8, 3:40PM EDT0

What security will you be providing car owners with, in case of damages and whatnot?

Sep 7, 10:20AM EDT0

The platform generates a standard lease agreement template, which the owner should sign with the tenant. The basic tenancy rules are described there. You can always extend this document.

In addition, we are also working on a vehicle tracking device.

Sep 8, 3:16PM EDT1

What is your plan B if this doesn't work out?

Sep 7, 9:07AM EDT0

We have a lot of ideas in our heads. We are working on this product in Lean Startup so there are always options to create pivot for project.

Sep 8, 12:31PM EDT0
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What has been the hardest thing for you to achieve so far?

Sep 7, 8:49AM EDT0

Each country has a different car rental law. Therefore, we try not to impose solutions on users but to give them a free hand in creating their own offer. Each offer is very individual and tailored to the realities of a local market.

 It's sometime really hard to get cars in new locations.

Sep 8, 3:20PM EDT0

Where do you operate?

Sep 7, 8:49AM EDT0

Right now we have cars at 19 cities. In couple of months we managed to collect 80 car all over the world. All information you can always find at our "About us" page:

Last edited @ Sep 8, 12:58PM EDT.
Sep 8, 12:26PM EDT0
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How many cars do you have at the moment?

Sep 7, 8:49AM EDT0

In couple of month we managed to collect 80 cars around the world. And we still looking for more hosts - You can always join us, share your car or share idea with your friends.

Sep 8, 12:28PM EDT0
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Are all prices in Euro's?

Sep 6, 5:31PM EDT0

Yes. Right now we offer only Euro but soon we will implement other currencies.

Sep 8, 12:04PM EDT0
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