#AMA The world's CRAZIEST travel experiences.

Gabriella Ribeiro
Jul 9, 2018

Strictly for the globally curious, ask your questions about immersive experiences around the world and I'll share information from my personally curated portfolio.  I have been wandering the globe all of my life, soaking up the soul of each place I've visited and it is my pleasure to share these incredible finds with you.  Let's get moving...

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When done with all the travelling, what next?
Jul 16, 10:58AM EDT0
What culture have you encountered that left you in shock?
Jul 16, 10:55AM EDT0
What is the best country to visit in Europe?, What is the best country in the Balkans to visit in your opinion?
Jul 11, 8:29AM EDT0
What is the best meal ever in your visit around the world? Do you have any delicacies you tried but cannot forget?
Jul 11, 2:11AM EDT0
Where are the best places to travel alone?
Jul 10, 6:54PM EDT0
How would you describe an immersive travel experience?
Jul 10, 7:06AM EDT0
What is your opinion about services such as Airbnb when traveling on a budget?
Jul 10, 3:54AM EDT0
Is there a travel destination that you haven't had the opportunity to know? How many countries have you visited?
Jul 9, 5:00PM EDT0
When you go to any destination, how do you know where to find those quirky places? What is your method to discover all those less popular places?
Jul 9, 4:21PM EDT0
Are you making a journal of all your travels?
Jul 9, 8:02AM EDT0

Top 5 tips if your going to travel?

Jul 7, 12:49PM EDT0
Have you ever canceled a trip because you felt a place had become too dangerous?
Jul 7, 7:07AM EDT0
Were there any moments when you wanted to give up and quit your travel spree?
Jul 7, 3:14AM EDT0
What are some of your strategies for deflecting unwanted attention as a female on the road alone?
Jul 6, 10:52PM EDT0
What do you think is more important than travel?
Jul 6, 5:10PM EDT0
Did you have any childhood experiences that you might credit with sparking your love of travel? If not, were there any later experiences.
Jul 6, 9:14AM EDT0
What do you think is the most important innovation of your lifetime thus far?
Jul 5, 7:02AM EDT0

Cross between the internet and the smartphone. Both have made the world so small, and have brought so much accessibility in various segments. It has also made it truly possible to work from nearly anywhere on the planet which has opened up so much opportunity to so many.

Jul 5, 9:49AM EDT0
Do you have a spot in this world where you totally feel like home? Where you go to unwind?
Jul 5, 6:44AM EDT0

Two places. Lisbon and Rome.

Jul 5, 9:49AM EDT0
What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music and launching the debut releaser your career? Is there been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?
Jul 5, 5:41AM EDT0

I don't make music =)

Jul 5, 9:49AM EDT0
Is there a specific event or moment that was a wake-up call for you?
Jul 5, 4:46AM EDT0
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