AMA - wine, craft beer, and cannabis - see what makes Sonoma County so unique!

Jared Giammona
Jun 6, 2018

Just a short drive across the golden gate bridge, Sonoma County is home to world-renowned wine country, the microbrewery capital of the united states, and now, the newly legal cannabis industry. 

We offer two different experiences that will show you the ins, outs, and similarities between all three industries.

Our Wine + Cannabis Experience will show you the agricultural similarities between how wine grapes and outdoor marijuana is grown while visiting wineries for tastings.

The Craft Beer + Cannabis Experience shows the industrial similarities between the brewing process and the cannabis extraction process, while also tasting craft beer right from the breweries themselves.

Nowhere else will you find a place that produces these three products at the quality Sonoma county does. It’s not just wine country anymore. It’s also craft beer country, and now, cannabis country.


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What does the catered lunch from a local Sonoma County chef include?
Jun 13, 11:28AM EDT0

We get our guests gourmet sandwiches from Oliver's Market for our Craft Beer + Cannabis Experience. Oliver's is a Sonoma County staple with only 4 locations. For our Wine + Cannabis Experiecne we get our guests the same thing, but from Carneros Deli in Sonoma. Carneros is a long standing tradition for visitors going to Sonoma.

Jun 13, 1:24PM EDT0
What are some of the Cannabis products available at your dispensary?
Jun 12, 8:22AM EDT0
Why do you believe the wine produced in Sonoma County so successful?
Jun 12, 5:25AM EDT0

The Climate and soil have a lot do to with this. The hot summer days and the cool nights. The dry heat with little humidity is also the ideal climate for the grapes.

Jun 13, 1:22PM EDT0
What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Jun 12, 12:07AM EDT0
What route do you take for your tours and what are the reasons you have chosen this route?
Jun 11, 9:23PM EDT0

When did you introduce the Cannabis experience to your service? What do you cover in it?

Jun 7, 1:11PM EDT0

What are the adventure activities that one can do in Sonoma County?

Jun 7, 12:46PM EDT0

Does your tour include Unlimited drinking or it is only limited per serving?

Jun 7, 5:34AM EDT0
What are some of the best restaurants in Sonoma and what are they famous for?
Jun 7, 2:05AM EDT0
When is the best time of the year to do one your Sonoma experiences? Why?
Jun 6, 12:27PM EDT0

Any time is a great time! We run our Experience's year round offer special tours throughout the season.

Jun 6, 7:23PM EDT0
How many hours should people allot for your tours and what are the pick up and drop off points and times for your tours?
Jun 6, 8:02AM EDT0

Each experience starts and ends in Fisherman's Wharf in SF. The bus departs at 8:45am and returns at 4:45pm. We offer them biweekly right now, Friday and Saturday. Feel free to visit our Experience's page for more info!

Jun 6, 7:20PM EDT0
What happens if someone gets intoxicated during the tour?
Jun 6, 8:00AM EDT0

We want everyone to have a good time and look to create a fun atompsphere during the Experience, while maintaining a safe environment as well.

Jun 6, 7:17PM EDT0
Why are there such similarities in the cultivation of both marijuana and grapes?
Jun 6, 5:44AM EDT0

A lot of it has to do with the way they grow. Both cannabis plants and wine grapes thrive in a specific climate, which Sonoma County has. They both run the same season, starting in March/April and harvest in September/October. Also, what you're getting now is a lot of cannabis farmers using techniques from the wine industry, such as biodynamic farming.

Jun 6, 7:17PM EDT0
What are the pros and cons of the legalisation of marijuana for the agricultural industry?
Jun 6, 4:09AM EDT0
What are the age restrictions for a person wanting to partake in a Sonoma County experience?
Jun 6, 2:20AM EDT0

All guests must be over the age of 21.

Jun 6, 7:13PM EDT0

How many people can go on the tours and why have you restricted your tours to this specific number?

Jun 5, 9:19PM EDT0

We cap the Experience's at 18 people. We find this is still a good way to maintain an intimiate atmosphere and still have a good time throughout the day.

Jun 5, 10:46PM EDT0
What are the benefits you offer vendors or other services when partnering with you?
Jun 5, 8:06PM EDT0

In brining locals and tourists from SF, it is a great way to get brand exposure. We want to help local business in Sonoma County reach an audience they wouldn't otherwise reach. 

Jun 5, 10:45PM EDT0
How different is Sonoma from other wine destinations, like Napa or San Luis Obispo? What makes Sonoma unique?
Jun 5, 7:39PM EDT0

With Sonoma County having the Microbrewery capital of the US and also being very progressive with cannabis legalization, it makes it a very unique place. The cannabis produced in Sonoma County is very high level, that has to do with the soil, climate, elevation, very similar to why the wine is so sucessful. When you put all three of those together, you won't find another county that produces all three of those products, at the level Sonoma County does.

Jun 5, 10:42PM EDT0
In what ways, do you think, the legalization of marijuana will affect the tourism industry?
Jun 5, 4:33PM EDT0
What services are included in your experiences? Do you offer discounts for groups?
Jun 5, 4:05PM EDT0

All of our Experience's start and end in San Francisco and include transportation, a complimentary beverage, breakfast pastries, lunch, all tastings, and entrance fees. 

Our Craft Beer + Cannabis Experience visits CannaCraft for a tour of the largest cannabis manufacturer in the country, Solful, a dispensary, and two beweries for tastings. This experience shows the industrial similarities between the two industries.

The Wine + Cannabis Experience visits two wineries for tastings, an outdoor cannabis farm and a dispensary.  On this experience guests will see the agricultural similarities between how grapes are grown and how outdoor cannabis is grown.

Jun 5, 10:39PM EDT0
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