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Karen Alexandra Delgado
Jul 23, 2018


I'm Karen, a Peruvian/American globetrotting digital nomad who has been traveling around the world (& living around the world) SOLO for the past 2 years. My traveling lifestyle is fueled by my wanderlust, passion to explore new cultures, meet new people, and have crazy adventures. I started traveling solo after leaving a toxic marriage at just the age of 25. Now I am the happiest I've ever been! 

Apart from traveling, I am also a travel blogger and freelance social media manager & consultant. Writing, photography, and social media are my passion and I'm happy I found a way to also make it my job :) 

Traveling is my lifestyle and while it's fun, it's not easy or as glamorous as it looks. Ask me anything regarding the travel lifestyle, travel blogging, working on the road, lviing abroad, meeting people while traveling, and the dark side of travel. 

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Karen Alexandra Delgado says:

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HI Karen,

We are like minded. I'm traveling solo too and want to become a full-time digital nomad. Having published books and courses, I help people to settle in abroad easily.

As I want to travel more, I like to stay in a country for several months. 

My question is: Do you still have a home base to return to or do you rent it out? How did you grow  your clients online in order to get enough income online to sustain yourself, or do you live from savings?

Any health insurance suggestion?


~Rachel Smets

Aug 9, 12:59PM EDT0
On average, how long do you stay in one place?
Aug 3, 7:59PM EDT1
What do you consider to be the dark side of travel? Why do you think like this?
Aug 3, 4:40AM EDT0
What things or signs tell you that the time to move to a different place has come?
Aug 2, 7:06PM EDT0
What exactly is a digital nomad? What things (from your own experience) can you add to the standard definition of a digital nomad?
Aug 2, 11:48AM EDT0
What advice do you have for a first-time traveler to Spain?
Aug 1, 6:16PM EDT0
What were the most amazing sights you seen while visiting Germany?
Aug 1, 3:13PM EDT0

What's the most fun experience you have had? And what lessons have you learned on your journey?

Aug 1, 2:06PM EDT0
What is your Contributor and Mentorship program? How can someone who wants to work with you get involved?
Aug 1, 2:32AM EDT0
If you had to describe it, what would your dream place to live look like?
Aug 1, 2:13AM EDT0
When do you think you will stop traveling?
Jul 31, 11:47PM EDT0

That is so amazing, I loved traveling alone it was very freeing in so many ways. I agree its not as easy as it looks and at times things happen we really don't want to discuss.  My question is what has been your favorite place to visit, a location you want to return to again and again? I can't wait to hear it, I am seeking some variety in ideas. 

Jul 31, 11:45PM EDT0
What are your top three foods to try in Barcelona?
Jul 31, 5:54AM EDT0
What is the culture like in Barbados?
Jul 30, 3:42PM EDT0

very friendly people, relaxed lifestyle, and lots of british haha. It's a british colony :) 

Jul 31, 3:44AM EDT0
Do you ever worry about running out of money especially now that you are thinking of extending your stay in specific destinations?
Jul 30, 8:16AM EDT0

Definitely! But the point of a digital nomad lifestyle is that you work while you travel. I work from my computer doing blogging campagins and social media management,. I'm working at each destination 😆

Jul 31, 3:45AM EDT0

Don't need a partner on your travel blog???

Jul 30, 4:09AM EDT0

haha not at this time! But I am looking for blog contributors in Spain :) 

Jul 31, 3:45AM EDT0
Do you sometimes feel like you have no home considering how often you are on the move?
Jul 29, 11:44PM EDT0

Definitely! I wrote a whole article on that here:

Jul 31, 3:46AM EDT0
You say extending your stay gives you the opportunity of building relationships. Don't you ever worry about getting attached to people only to get moving?
Jul 29, 6:59PM EDT0

All the time! I get attached to people very easily so moving a lot takes a huge toll on me (you can read more about that here:

However, I always make the effort to keep in touch and meet up with the people that really made an impact on my life. So far it's worked fine :) 

Jul 31, 3:47AM EDT0
Why do you say traveling it's not easy or as glamorous as it looks?
Jul 29, 2:39AM EDT0

Traveling long-term is really hard on you. You face new challenges everyday and it is exhausting physically and emotionally. I wrote a very personal article on this topic if you care to learn more: 

Jul 29, 6:09AM EDT0
If you found the perfect destination, do you think you would stay long enough to actually make it your home?
Jul 28, 12:47PM EDT0

Yes I would! I am actually in the process of doing this now. The thing is, the way our world is today makes it hard for us to relocate and stay in a place long-term as a digital nomad. Many digital nomads makes countries in Southeast Asia their "base" because its easy to get around the visas. You just leave the country and come back in every few months and can do that indefinitely. For me, my place is Europe. I love Asia as well, but not to live in long-term as the weather really affects my rosacea  skin and I enjoy the mediterranean environment and culture more. Spain is the country I want to make my home but getting a visa to stay here is hard as a self-employeed digital nomad. To stay here long term I would either need to be sponsored by a company (to get a work visa) which doesn't work for me as I don't want to work for anyone - I have my own businesses. I can also get a student visa, but again, doesn't fit the life I want to live. I can get a visa if I have a business that makes a ton of money (not there yet). Or I can stay illegally for a few years and then ask for my citizenship, but this method would prevent me from being able to travel which is what my life revolves around....

I want to make spain my home but haven't figured out the way to do it permanently just yet. Instead, I keep coming back for months at a time :) 

Jul 29, 6:06AM EDT0
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