Ask Me Anything for your holidays in Halkidiki, Greece!

Maria Athanasopoulou
Jun 9, 2018

I work in tourism marketing and promotion field. I am an expert in holidays to Greece. Ask me anything you want for your holidays in the area of Halkidiki!

Halkidiki is a beautiful area in northern Greece, famous for its beautiful beaches, its mountain paths, its picturesque villages and the tasty local cuisine. It is located an hour drive away from the airport of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece! Ask me anything you want for your holidays there!

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What’s it like traveling solo to Greece? Are there many activities for solo travelers?
Jun 16, 9:08AM EDT0

In Greece you can swim, you can see the museums; you can explore the nature, etc. In my opinion, it is safe to be alone. But before you decide for any activities, you should ask the reception of the hotel you are staying

Jun 16, 12:10PM EDT1
Does Halkidiki have any nudist beaches or properties like other parts of Greece?
Jun 16, 7:17AM EDT0

I do not know anything about this subject

Jun 16, 12:05PM EDT0
What’s the Internet/Wi-Fi connection like in Halkidiki? Is it fast enough so that freelancers could work while on vacation?
Jun 16, 7:13AM EDT0

Most of the hotels and beach bars in Halkidiki they have free wifi. It is fast but if you need to work from there, its better to ask the hotel before booking

Jun 16, 12:04PM EDT0
What is your favourite destination for wildlife spotting in Greece and how do you promote these areas through your work?
Jun 12, 7:38AM EDT0

There are some nature & wildlife tours in Halkidiki region‎, but I never tried it.  I suggest you get an idea from the link below:

Last edited @ Jun 12, 11:28AM EDT.
Jun 12, 11:28AM EDT0
What has been your biggest adventure in Halkidiki? Do you have any favourite picks?
Jun 12, 1:38AM EDT0

I go almost every weekend to Halkidiki during the summer. My beloved area is Sithonia

Jun 12, 1:43AM EDT0
Are there any adult-safe destinations that are absolutely a no-go for kids in Halkidiki, Greece?
Jun 11, 4:59PM EDT0

I do not know, but i did a little research at Google and I found the link below:

Jun 12, 12:36AM EDT0
What would be your pitch for selling Halkidiki to a potential traveler?
Jun 11, 10:34AM EDT0

I believe that the great advantage of Halkidiki is its many and very beautiful beaches. 

 I suggest you get an idea from the link below:

Jun 11, 10:55AM EDT0
What are the best months to travel to Halkidiki, Greece and why?
Jun 10, 11:43PM EDT0

The best time to visit Greece is during spring, summer and autumn. During this period the weather is sunny and warm!

Jun 11, 10:55AM EDT0
Do you need a visa to travel to Greece?
Jun 10, 3:22PM EDT0

Ιτ depends on which country you are coming from

Jun 10, 3:30PM EDT0
What are the current challenges for travel marketers nowadays?
Jun 10, 9:16AM EDT0



New ways of communication

Increase number of mobile users

Eisibility of the content

Enhancing recommendations

Jun 11, 10:56AM EDT0
Is it advisable to take an insurance before traveling to Halkidiki?
Jun 10, 5:55AM EDT0

I am not an expert to travel insurance, you should ask an insurance company!

Jun 10, 6:04AM EDT0
What landmarks are a must-see in Halkidiki?
Jun 10, 3:22AM EDT0

 I suggest you get an idea from the link below:

Jun 10, 3:26AM EDT0
What other Greek destinations would you choose to add besides Halkidiki for an in-depth trip to Greece?
Jun 9, 9:04PM EDT0

You couldcombine Halkidiki with Epirus area  or Pieria area!

Jun 10, 12:46AM EDT0
When is the best season to visit Halkidiki?
Jun 9, 7:15PM EDT0

Definitely during the summer!

Jun 10, 12:44AM EDT0
Would you recommend Halkidiki to a couple looking for honeymoon destinations? Why?
Jun 9, 11:38AM EDT0

I would recommend it because it has fantastic beaches and some very good 5 stars hotels

Jun 10, 12:43AM EDT0
What services do you provide through your company?
Jun 9, 6:41AM EDT0

We provide marketing and promotion services to greek tourism destinations and tourism companies, since 2009.

Jun 9, 10:06AM EDT0
What is the best mode of transportation in Halkidiki and why is this mode of transportation recommended?
Jun 5, 11:54PM EDT0

The best way to get to Halkidiki is to fly to Thessaloniki airport and from there to take the public bus or a private transfer. You can also rent a car. For your short trips in Halkidiki there are public buses available.

Jun 7, 3:27AM EDT0
What kind of tours are available at your company for large groups?
Jun 5, 8:30AM EDT0

Our company does not sell tours & activities. We are not a tour operator or a travel agency. We run a marketing company which main activity is to promote Greece as a tourist destination. If you have specific request for groups we can suggest you a travel agent.

Jun 7, 3:26AM EDT0
What are the nearby towns surrounding Halkidiki? What attractions do these towns offer tourists?
Jun 5, 4:46AM EDT0

Halkidiki is a big area with many small towns, villages and beaches. I would suggest you to dedicate your time in order to visit and explore as many as you can! I suggest you get an idea from the link below:

Jun 7, 5:54AM EDT0
What are some of the sights that make Halkidiki a tourist destination?
Jun 5, 3:49AM EDT0

There are many sights in the area of Halkidiki. I suggest you get an idea from the link below:

Jun 7, 3:25AM EDT0
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