NYC is absolutely my favorite among all the places I've been to. Now living and working in NYC, I can provide a lot of insights whether you are simply visiting or planning to stay as an expat. AMA!

I quit my job and I've been solo bacpacking Southeast Asia off savings for the past 2 months. AMA!

I am Amanda Scotese, founder and Executive Director of Chicago Detours, a tour company for the curious, Ask Me Anything!

Hidden Iceland founders - Glacier, volcano and waterfall immersive travel company. AMA!

I founded an ethical travel company that specialises in high-end travel experiences that combine 3 magic ingredients to create life changing, transformative wellness journeys for highly-stressed professionals. Ask me anything.

May 9, 2018

Hi, I'm Jason & I am a Travel Rewards Consultant. I teach the use of travel points & airline miles for free travel & epic experiences like (free first-class flights, luxury hotel rooms etc.). AMA a Travel Hacker anything!

Inspiration is the path to nature conservation! I'm an eco-travel startup founder, wildlife biologist, author of articles and the behemoth book, "Art of the National Parks" and a landscape artist. Ask me anything.

My name is Naomi Ritz with Crossing Travel, and I plan bespoke holidays for anyone who wants to feel like a VIP. Want to know how I get those free upgrades? Ask me anything!

I traveled to the Middle East, became a Muslim and now I am changing the stereotypes as a travel blogger #AMA

We are experts in hosting international fitness & yoga retreats. Wanna get fit on vacation? Ask us anything. Want to run your own lucrative and successful international wellness retreats? We've got you!

FATPACKING - Get Fit, Lose Fat. Ask Me Anything!

Helping older people to travel the world in style and comfort in our AMA.

Apr 28, 2018

Ask Me Anything about Why I think there was a Global Civilization before Our Current One.

Ask Me Anything on How to get a free cruise with most cruise lines.

The Travel Pharmacist - Travel Health and Wellness - Lisa Chavis #AMA

LeisureAMA, EventsAMA, BusinessAMA, & DestinationAMA TravelAMA Trends 2018.. Ask Me Anything

Apr 21, 2018

Ask Me Anything - Why we purchased the most expensive new gTLD domain ever sold

AMA: We are Phil and Matt and we run small group scooter tours in West Africa, along with a hostel in Bamako, Mali

I'm Amanda and I have a travel blog The Boutique Adventurer. I spent nearly a month in Medellin Colombia last year. AMA!

I am an experienced Assistant Manager of Visitor Center Manager Operations for a New York City-based tour operator. Ask me anything.

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