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Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Who wouldn’t love a day at the tropical paradise of Maldives? With it’s clear blue waters, attracting coasts, and relaxing breeze that are indeed breathtaking, you’ll surely never think of coming back home. Kuamas Luxury Escape brings you world-class experience of the Honeymoon Capital with their over 80 resorts to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly ones to exclusive retreats, all giving you a piece of Maldives you’ll never, ever forget. Check out some responses below as we recap their recent AMA event.

QUESTION: What is your top 5 favorite island destinations for a newly married couple?

The Maldives is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

To be honest, when people ask me what my favourite resort is, I never give one as I like so many and different things about different resorts.

It really depends what you are looking for a resort and what your budget is,

There are some resorts that are for adults only, such as Komandoo, Veligandu, Hurawahli, Milaidhoo and Centara Ras Fushi, but the price difference between these resorts can be extremely high, especially if you compare Centara Ras Fushi with Malaidhoo.

Some resorts such as Meeru, Kuredu, Iru Fushi, Conrad, Vilamendhoo, all have an adults-only area. Whether this is an adult only Pool or in some cases and adults only bar and restaurant.

Small resorts that I love include Kandolhu, Mirihi, W Maldives, Baros, Huvafenfushi, Dhevanafushi, Outrigger, Park Hyatt, Veligandu, Maafushivaru, Drift Theluveliga and Fushifaru.

QUESTION: From your experience; what is the most rewarding part of being a Travel Agent?

Knowing that you have helped someone have a fantastic holiday.  If they opt for a resort/hotel that you have recommended and they have an amazing time and thank you.

With the Maldives, first-time travellers, rely on you as an agent, to use your expert knowledge and help them choose the right resort, that will fit their budget but they will also enjoy.

One time a customer was clearly shopping around, and she came back to me and asked me why I hadn't recommended a certain resort for her as another agent had and it came under her budget.   I said that as she specifically said she was looking for a small romantic resort, in an idyllic location, I did not offer that particular resort as it was close to the industrial island and the capital.   Whilst it was a great value for money resort, and many clients had enjoyed it, I would not have considered it was an idyllic location.   She was very happy I had been honest, as when she researched further, she realised it was not the resort for her.

QUESTION: Have you encountered difficult customers? How have you been able to handle them?

I would stay customers are difficult.  The Maldives is a unique destination and often people have lots of questions and let's face it people spend a lot of money on a holiday so they want to be sure they are booking the right resort/hotel.   Some clients may have higher expectations and might have quite a few requirements but that makes the job interesting.

If someone has an unrealistic request, especially asking for 5 stars but clearly for 2-3 star price tag, then I will be very honest with them.  There is no point wasting their time or my time if clearly, their budget will not fit a holiday in the Maldives.

I would usually suggest that they either increase their budget, reduce the number of nights or opt for a cheaper room category.  

I will always try to find them something within their budget, but I will also not waste their time, if I know that they will not get what they are looking for, for their budget.

QUESTION: When is the best time to visit Maldives? When are its peak and off-peak seasons?

Peak season  is 20th December - 12th January for most resorts.  This is when the prices are at their highest and they'll be surcharges for Christmas & New Year.

High Season is around 13th January - 30th April (depending on when Easter is, you might find during this period the prices will increase over this holiday period). Also 1st November - 19th December.

Low Season is 1st May - 30th September (31st October with some resorts, although others may call Oct Shoulder season).   You might also find some increase late July/August due to the main European school holidays.  It depends on the resort as some will just have low season all the way through from May - October.

QUESTION: What’s the worst thing which happened to one of your clients on a holiday?

I don't know why you want to focus on negative things?  Worse things can happen to people in their own town and country,   If people worried about what might happen if they travel overseas, they would never leave their country!

I will answer your question though.    Since operating Koamas the worst thing that has faced one of my clients, is a delay seaplane transfer, due to adverse weather conditions.   They waited 4 hours for their seaplane.

In low season we can experience some heavy showers and storms (although not constantly) and when this happens it can affect the transfers, particularly seaplane transfers as if the visibility is not good or the sea too rough, they cannot land, so this can cause delays or even cancellation sometimes.   It's nothing that cannot be resolved but I always recommend that people do take out travel insurance and check that it does cover them, in the event of problems caused by weather (not all insurances will), because if the last seaplane of the day from the resort is cancelled due to bad weather, they may miss their international flight.  This will result in additional costs, to extend, and extra night and change of flight ticket.  The resorts, airlines or operators will not cover this, as the weather is a false majeure situation.    It doesn't happen that often but it can happen.  It shouldn't put people off travelling in low season as this is when you get the best deals and it doesn't rain constantly

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