Female Asian American traveler. Always ready for new adventures and always looking for the next best spicy dish. Currently on a New Zealand working holiday. AMA!

Dia Jin
Sep 9, 2018

I bought a one way ticket nearly 1 year ago, and haven't look back!

Los Angeles is home but these days I go where the wind takes me.

Is it ever too late to start traveling? How hard is it to give birth to your own Youtube Channel and Blog? How in the world does one keep going without going mad or going broke? Ask me anything. 

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What was your family's reaction to your decision to buy that one way ticket?
Sep 11, 8:00PM EDT0

Hi there, I did not have to seek approval from family when I made my decision to travel indefinitely long. I've been pretty independent and on my own since I was a teenager, so now I have free reign to do what I want.

Of course it freaks out my Chinese family out that at 27 I'm roaming the world and not focusing on building a traditional career. But there is no pressure from them:)

Sep 11, 9:26PM EDT0
After your work visa in New Zealand is expired, do you plan to return home or will you look for other countries to live in? Or you don't like planning that far ahead?
Sep 11, 6:11PM EDT0

Hi there! Honestly, there are no definitive plans at the moment. I would love to work here, save some money, while working on my own business. I hope that by the time I leave NZ, I will have a steady source of income so I may continue to travel!

I would love to revisit southeast Asia or South american because the living costs are cheaper there while I continue to expand my online ventures:) 

and no, I don't usually plan too far ahead!

Sep 11, 9:23PM EDT0
How often do you post new blog entries? Is it enough to keep people interested in your blog?
Sep 11, 1:32PM EDT0

Hi there, to answer your first question. I try to hold myself to one article a week. I don't try to crank out a ton of poorly constructed articles with little or no value, instead I take my time to think about the topics and research so I may produce high quality content even if it's slower. 

I am still at the beginning of my blogging journey, I HOPE it is enough to keep people interested ;)

Sep 11, 9:21PM EDT0
Did you have your blog professionally designed? What is the importance of design for the success of a blog?
Sep 11, 6:45AM EDT0

Hi there, I wish I could be more pro in answering your question. However, I am still at the very beginning of my blogging journey. I did not have someone design my blog but I did purchase a theme. I think the design is very important in regards to the success of running a blog. 

Depending on the niche and focus of the blog, the design and theme should correspond to it. And of course it goes without saying, a website that looks more professional would recieve more readership and credibility. :)

Sep 11, 9:19PM EDT0
Are you currently monetizing your blog? What are the best options for this?
Sep 11, 5:32AM EDT0

Hi there, I've only recently started monetizing my blog. The main priority for me now is to pump out more valuable content and gain more readership:) Some good ways to monitize a blog would be: affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and placing ads!

Sep 11, 9:15PM EDT0
What is the best piece of advice that you can give to young people thinking about traveling for long periods?
Sep 11, 2:59AM EDT1

Ah to be 'young' again haha. I would say do it as soon as you can. I'm in my late 20s. When I meet travelers in their late teens or early 20s, I can't help but wish I'd done it sooner. It's really true what people say, there's always time to go back to school or to go chasing a career. But if you don't know exactly what your passion is yet, I think getting yourself on the road and learning more about the world and how you fit inside it is a great advantage. 

Another thing I have to mention is, travel smart financially. Get rid of debt before heading off, and have a plan and budget to sustain traveling. 

Seeing the world and different cultures is such an eye opening experience. It has taught me invaluable skills and a better insight into who I am and in which areas I really excel!

Wonderful things for your future resume:)

Sep 11, 3:27AM EDT0
Are you a doer in your personal life or do you often end up procrastinating? Is so, how do you cope up with the procrastination?
Sep 11, 1:17AM EDT1

Great question! I'm definitely a doer with fear of failure. What this means is I am the very opposite of a procrastinator. In college, I was always the first person to turn in any assignments. I am constantly making to-do lists and aiming to achieve my goals. However, the little voice in the back of my mind is always nagging at me and making me scared of failing.

fortunately I do not need to cope with procrastination. On one hand, I really understand some people work better under a last minute deadline and under pressure. For me, I just cannot relax until I know I have all my ducks in a row:) My style is to finish all I need to do and THEN do whatever I want to do. 

Sep 11, 3:18AM EDT0
When you first started saving, was it because you knew the importance of saving or did you do it with the very intention of starting your travel adventure?
Sep 10, 11:18AM EDT1

Hi there, I wasn't ever really great with budgeting or saving. I have this mentality of 'money comes and goes'. However, when I decided I would run away to begin my traveling adventures I knew I needed to buckle down and save as much as I could to stay on the road:) So in a way, traveling has taught me a new skill set!

Sep 11, 3:15AM EDT0
Where did you go first when you decided to leave Los Angeles and why did you choose this destination?
Sep 10, 9:36AM EDT1

For my most recent one way journey, I chose Asia/Southeast Asia. China was my first stop to see family. After that, I wanted to sustain my travel for as long as possible and as you may already know, Southeast Asia traveling would cost a lot less and last me longer than say a European trip:) So mostly for financial reasons but of course I want to visit everywhere, so it was a matter of doing it at the right time.

Sep 11, 3:14AM EDT0
What made you decide to pack your things, buy a ticket and go traveling the world?
Sep 10, 8:50AM EDT1

To simply put it, it was the only thing I knew and felt passionate about. I see many of my peers focusing on finishing school and finding a career and then advancing toward some long range goal to become a "proper adult". 

I wasn't ready for all of that. I have so many interest but no real definitive idea of what "I wanted to do when I grow up". The only thing calling me clearly was to go see the world or maybe to run away from having those responsibilties that my peers were chasing. 

I knew however that I didn't just want to roam the world aimlessly, which is why I began documenting my travels along with tips in videos and writing:) 

Sep 11, 3:12AM EDT0
Do you get employmet in the destinations you visit or do you work online? If you work there, how easy is it to get employment?
Sep 10, 2:33AM EDT1

I would LOVE to one day work remotely (just like so many others out there ha) However at the moment my online enterprises aren't at that level. 

This is a major reason why myself and so many others choose a country that has an agreement with their own for a working holiday visa.

For example, I'm currently in New Zealand, and for 12 months I have the same working rights as a resident or citizen would. It's actually quite easy to find work here. I think in the agricultural and construction area, they lack New Zealand workers.

It's even better if you have special skills that would make you highly sought after. Even if you dont, many of the farm jobs here do not require you to have previous experience, training is provided!

Sep 10, 3:12AM EDT0
Do you sometimes have worries, especially in regard to being indisposed when you are in a place where the healthcare system may not be the best?
Sep 10, 1:28AM EDT1

Hi there! I feel lucky because I do not have any chronic physical or mental illnesses that would require frequent visits to the doctor's office. There are many options in travel insurance that will cover emergencies, and I believe there are also packages that may cover flight cost back should you require to return to your home country. 

It's definitely an important issue to consider, however personally on my list of fears that might stop be from traveling that is not one of them:)

Sep 10, 3:08AM EDT0
Before you started travelling, what measures did you take to ensure your first few months of travel were not mired with financial difficulties?
Sep 10, 12:36AM EDT1

Great question! Let me be honest, I had saved up a good amount of money especially for the prices in Southeast Asia. However 2 months before I was to leave for my indefinitely long trip, I had to quit my job earlier than expected..

By the time I packed my bags and got on the plane, my bank balance was in the negatives. I was afraid that I was being irresponsible, but went with my gut and trust in the universe anyway.

I was lucky because my first stop was to visit family in China, and I had help from them financially so I was able to continue my travels.

I did however run out of money eventually, hence why now I am on a working holiday visa in NZ! 

Sep 10, 3:02AM EDT0
How much time do you dedicate to editing and producing the videos on your YouTube channel?
Sep 9, 9:48AM EDT1

Hi Mary J,

I might be one of the faster people at filming and editing. The reasons being when I'm traveling I try to keep my "vlogging" as minimal as possible so it doesn't affect my experience in a negative way. 

I really dislike being the person who's not being 'in the moment' but taking tons of footage and photographs. 

When I edit I take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hour per video. I know some other people take much longer, but I'm sure the quality and details of their videos are greater too:) 

Sep 10, 2:59AM EDT0
When did you start your blog and what were the reasons for doing it?
Sep 9, 6:16AM EDT1

Hi there, I started my blog in Feburary of this year! I was in Taipei at the time, and needed to know how to get somewhere by public transport. I got deep in google but had a hard time finding updated information. Just that small experience sparked a bigger desire in me.

I knew there were people on the road, the so called "digital nomads" making BANK from blogging and I thought why couldn't I do the same? I was already offering advice and tips to viewers on my youtube channel and having a written/typed format seemed like a great way to expand.

So to tie it all back together, I decided to start my blog so I can make a living from it and so I can continue helping others:)

Sep 10, 2:56AM EDT0
Do you ever get lonely? How do you cope with such feelings?
Sep 9, 4:25AM EDT1

I personally love many aspects of traveling alone. However, I must admit when I was in Bali I had such a better time when my friend flew in and joined me. I think it's easy for me because I'm naturally an introvert pretending to be an extrovert:) So I don't mind just hanging out on my own and find I feel so much more immersed in a new place when I don't have to "talk" to anyone haha

However, there are always others willing to befriend you on the road. To offer a practical tip, I used the couchsurf app to 'hangout' with other travelers! You basically turn on the function so others within a certain amount of radius can reach out and meet up with you.

Sep 10, 2:52AM EDT0
What recommendations do you have for female solo travelers?
Sep 9, 2:59AM EDT1

Hello:) If you're up for a quick article I wrote on this exact topic! There are so many things I can say, but a simple thing that has made life so much easier in foreign places for me.. get a local sim card. 

I think even if someone is a "budget" traveler, this is such a useful tool to have. I don't know how many times I would have gotten lost or felt helpless if I relied only on chasing wifi. :)

Sep 9, 4:26AM EDT0
How do you think travelling changes or affects people?
Sep 9, 2:32AM EDT1

I recently wrote an article, and I'll just share one of the many quotes that resonates with me and my ideas and feelings on traveling.

“No man is brave that has never walked a hundred miles. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.” -Patrick Rothfuss

I think not only are we exposed to SO much when we travel near or far. We learn a lot about other people and their lives and culture. There comes a point when you realize how much you learn about yourself while being on the road. 

How do I react when I face challenges, what do I do when things go completely unexpected? What if I cannot even communicate what I mean? Do I prefer sunrise or sunsets, country side or city?

I think it opens our eyes to the possibilities that are out there, and helps us continue to cultivate the desire for learning. 

Last edited @ Sep 9, 4:22AM EDT.
Sep 9, 4:22AM EDT0
Where are you currently living and how do you afford to keep traveling?
Sep 9, 2:00AM EDT1

Hi there! I'm currently in New Zealand, and that answers the second part of your question haha. I had worked and saved a chunk of money, traveled for about 6-7 months and now I'm doing a working holiday so I can earn and save some money to keep going! The goal is to eventually turn my hobby of vlogging and blogging into a business and source of income!

Sep 9, 4:15AM EDT0
What is it about traveling that you love the most? How did your love of being on the road begin?
Sep 8, 11:08PM EDT1

Listen, all the cliché stuff thrills me. Like trying new food, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. However your second question really touches on the root of MY personal passion for traveling. 

I believe it's been ingrained in me that going to new places are exciting because I moved to the U.S from China at such a young age. However, the real ah-ha moment was when I took my first solo trip to NYC. I just remember feeling sooo exhilarated and capable. Basically that I was a badass girl that can take on the world on her own. 

This indescribable feeling when you set foot into a new place for the very first time can never be replicated, hence why I feel the need to keep going and keep chasing that 'high'.  

Today, as I've begun my journey of documenting my travels and offer others guides, I REALLY hope to encourage people just like me. People who has always felt the call to arrive in new places, but may have been kept away by fear:) 

If we only get this one chance on this amazing planet, I plan on seeing it all.

Sep 9, 12:17AM EDT0
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