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PORTAexpresso Tours
Jan 29, 2018

Hi, I'm a professional tour guide, expert in Tourism and consulting. I love to help all the people visiting to discover the life and the way of living in Portugal. 

I can organize for you and friends the best tours in Lisbon.

Private Wine Tours, Cultural Tour, Lisbon region City tours, Fado Tours, Night Life, Beach day Tour, Exclusive Sunset on the beach, Sintra Private Tour, Hotsex&y nightclubs, Hot Nightclubs,  Escort Tour mixed saunas, Riding horse on the beach, Hot city Tour for male and female.

Me and my team will make your visit to Portugal (Lisbon region a truly unforgettable adventure)

Help the foreigners who want to know everything about this country, and living in the country of the sun. www.portaexpresso.com

ASK ME what you want to do.

PORTAexpresso Tours says:

This AMA will end Sep 6, 2018, 12PM EDT


PORTAexpresso Tours says:

This AMA will end Dec 6, 2018, 12PM EST

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Do you have free time to travel?

Feb 22, 7:12PM EST0 Reply

If you weren't a tour guide, what would you do?

Feb 21, 12:57PM EST0 Reply

What are the tourists most surprised about?

Feb 21, 11:59AM EST0 Reply

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Feb 21, 9:20AM EST0 Reply

Still making tour for all people, ;)



Feb 21, 1:37PM EST0 Reply

What's the scope of the tour guide industry?

Feb 20, 6:18PM EST0 Reply

Flexibility, flexibility and good sense of humor, and knowing what time you start working and you never know what time you will end your day.



Feb 21, 1:39PM EST0 Reply

Is there a lot of socialization involved in the tour guide business?

Feb 20, 4:50PM EST0 Reply

Of course there is a lot of socialization and a lot of closeness and trust at first contact,



Feb 21, 1:41PM EST0 Reply

You mentioned about the woman tourist running naked on the beach - are there any legal naturist/nudist spots in Portugal?

Feb 20, 4:05PM EST0 Reply

yes we have, on TroiaBeach and Prais do meco



Feb 20, 4:43PM EST0 Reply

Are you strict with the itinerary or can the schedule be changed at your clients' requests even when the tour has already started?

Feb 19, 12:40AM EST0 Reply

The program / tour is agreed in term of duration and the amount to pay, it is an issue to agree and make the financial adjustments of km and time.

But I usually have this flexibility



Feb 20, 4:46PM EST0 Reply

How do you deal with non-English speaking tourists? Is it extra difficult to tour them around?

Feb 18, 5:34PM EST0 Reply

is not difficult, we Portuguese have a way of communicating using other languages.

Português, Espanhol, Italiano, 



Feb 20, 4:39PM EST0 Reply

What is the Sintra Private Tour?

Feb 18, 12:05AM EST0 Reply

The Sintra Tour is to show the Cost line of Estoril, Cascais eVilage of Sintra, Pena Palace and th Queluz Palace.



Feb 18, 5:56PM EST0 Reply

No, i speak more languages we have alternative, in Spanish,  Italian litle Frances and Russian Tour Guide.



Feb 18, 5:59PM EST0 Reply

Are you restricted to providing tours in Portugal only?

Feb 17, 10:13PM EST0 Reply


At moment Portugal and Dubai Escort, what you next destination.



Feb 18, 5:54PM EST0 Reply

Is Portugal a cost-effective tourist destination?

Feb 16, 5:34PM EST0 Reply

It started to be again, welcome.



Feb 17, 6:44AM EST0 Reply

What made you decide to become a professional tour guide?

Feb 16, 2:14AM EST0 Reply

Because he likes to communicate with people from other cultures and to show the charms of the most Western country in Europe and that he has conquered and discovered the world.Portugal is a country rich in history.



Feb 16, 4:33AM EST0 Reply

Which souveniers are the most striking and representative of Portugal?

Feb 14, 6:38AM EST0 Reply


The mustrepresentative from Portugal is the cork, wine, and ceramic. (tiles,  ceramic rooster. (galo de Barcelos),gold filigree pieces.



Feb 16, 4:31AM EST0 Reply

What are the positive and negative aspects of living in Portugal?

Feb 13, 1:23AM EST0 Reply

Positive Aspects, Freedom, temperature, simplicity, security, price of homes and food and quality of life despite the financial constraints of the people.

Negative aspects, a fragile economy, a small country, the second most recent democracy in Europe since April 25, 1974, which sometimes makes it look like a village, and the tax burden for the Portuguese, and people's low wages , ordered minimum 500 euros per month. but full of history and good people.



Feb 13, 5:38AM EST0 Reply

Do you prepare the itinerary of various activities like sailing, horseriding, jet skiing etc based on your suggestion to the clients or you take their opinion for what they want to do?

Feb 10, 6:45AM EST0 Reply

I already have pre-defined programs. but also body according to what the customer wants and their budget.



Feb 11, 12:17PM EST0 Reply

Which cities are most beautiful and cheapest to live in Portugal?

Feb 9, 1:20PM EST0 Reply

The bust Cheapest and Beautiful is Setubal City near to Lisbon, 35 km



Feb 10, 6:58AM EST0 Reply

What should every foreigner know about Portugal in terms of demography, best time to visit, and USP of Portugal?

Feb 9, 3:52AM EST0 Reply

Well All Portugal 10.000,000 Lisbon 500,000 Setubal City 180.000 , the best time is from March April.



Feb 10, 7:00AM EST0 Reply

What are the must-try dishes and delicacies when in Portugal?

Feb 7, 7:24AM EST0 Reply

Portugal is a country with a very rich gastronomy.You can taste the cod that is the national dish and there are over 100 ways to cook the Cod.It has as pastry the sweet of Bethlehem and then depends on the region you have fantastic things tastes and appreciated by many tourists from other countries. for example, Setubal is known for its sardines, fried cuttlefish, and for its wines that have won awards worldwide.



Feb 8, 1:46PM EST0 Reply

What’s the most challenging thing about being a tour guide?

Feb 6, 3:39PM EST0 Reply

Conquer new friends, and to make people feel happy and safe in Portugal.



Feb 6, 5:09PM EST0 Reply

Did you ever encounter any language barrier issue while on a guided tour with foreigners?

Feb 6, 2:48PM EST0 Reply

Luckily ever, I have very easy relationship with all people from all over the world.



Feb 6, 5:07PM EST0 Reply

Can you also help immigrants who wish to move to Portugal permanently?

Feb 6, 2:04PM EST0 Reply

Yes, of course, welcome, Portugal is a friendly country.I help explain all the bureaucratic and legal aspects of living in Portugal.



Feb 6, 5:05PM EST1 Reply

Yes, of course, welcome, Portugal is a friendly country.I help explain all the bureaucratic and legal aspects of living in Portugal.



Feb 6, 5:06PM EST0 Reply

How many days or hours in a day does your tour usually last?

Feb 6, 8:22AM EST0 Reply

The tours organized by me are 7 hours but we also do tours of 1/2 day or 5 days to various destinations in Portugal.Tell me what you need and I'd be happy to make you an expecial tour for you.


e-mail portaexpresso@mail.telepac.pt


Feb 6, 8:37AM EST0 Reply

he tours organized by me are 7 hours but we also do tours of 1/2 day or 5 days to various destinations in Portugal.Tell me what you need and I'd be happy to make you an expecial tour for you.


e-mail portaexpresso@mail.telepac.pt


Feb 6, 5:03PM EST0 Reply

Is English widely spoken in Portugal or does a tourist need to bring a translation dictionary with him?

Feb 6, 6:32AM EST0 Reply

English is widely spoken in Portugal and we can say that it is the second language.



Feb 6, 8:06AM EST0 Reply

Do you also provide assistance in finding the best accommodation when visiting Portugal?

Feb 2, 7:58PM EST0 Reply

Hi Good morning from Portugal,

yes  i can help you of Course or  i can share with the programs of 8 day 7 night in Portugal with transfers and hotel near toLisbon in City of Delfins "Setubal" the city of the best beachs of the world.

send me a emailand i can send to you more details.



Last edited @ Feb 3, 5:15AM EST.
Feb 3, 5:07AM EST0 Reply

If given the chance to be a tour guide somewhere else in the world, where would you choose to be?

Feb 2, 9:53AM EST0 Reply

Portugal or Dubai

Feb 2, 1:10PM EST0 Reply

Are there many expatriates living in Portugal?

Jan 31, 4:08PM EST0 Reply


Jan 31, 6:06PM EST0 Reply

What makes Portugal stand out from other countries that surround it as a better tourist destination?

Jan 30, 1:07PM EST0 Reply

More than 800 years of history, the way of life, safety, food, wines, local options, beaches, the sun, the simplicity of Portugal.

See the film on my website on the main page and you will understand better.


Jan 30, 2:31PM EST0 Reply

Is there anything you need to know before traveling to Portugal? Are there any special customs and etiquette travelers should be aware of? Please share some useful tips and guides.

Jan 30, 10:56AM EST0 Reply

Portugal is a modern and cosmopolitan country with strong habits of welcoming and making friends.I recommend bringing a brush, camera and a smile on the lips.It is enough to feel good in Portugal.

if you want to do a tour with me just see my offers on my website, under Tours.



Jan 30, 2:28PM EST0 Reply

When did you decide to become a tour guide? What led to that decision?

Jan 30, 9:37AM EST0 Reply

The reason is The pleasure of meeting other people who want to share the culture and history of Portugal, the first place I worked officially was in a 4 star hotel when I was 15 years old, and so began the taste for the fantastic profession in tourism.this for more than 25 years a go-



Jan 30, 2:24PM EST0 Reply

How big is your team and how do you organize your work?

Jan 30, 5:53AM EST0 Reply

My teal is only 4 Persons diret and 10 free lancers. all our work we organise acording the costumers and bookings.



Jan 30, 9:11AM EST0 Reply

Where do you get the information you share with tourists?

Jan 29, 6:50PM EST0 Reply

For the personal knowledge of the history of Portugal, and through the technical guides provided by Turismo de Portugal for Tourism Professionals.Programs and videos about history published on youtube.



Jan 30, 4:37AM EST0 Reply

How many days would you recommend for visiting Lisbon and the region?

Jan 29, 4:55PM EST0 Reply

Minimum 8 days or a weekend just for discover a a litle of Lisbon.

You need to discover Setubal, Sesimbra, Troia, Azeitão, Palmela, and of course  Lisbon  and cost of Estoril Sintra.



Jan 29, 5:03PM EST0 Reply

What is the most visited tourist attraction?

Jan 29, 1:48PM EST0 Reply

Bairro AltoLx Factory and  Factory of Cakes Pasteis de Belém

Jan 29, 3:05PM EST0 Reply

Fabrica de Belém custard tart, Alfama, Bairro Alto, baixa Chiado, Torre de Belém,  Lx Factory and Praça do Comercio.



Jan 29, 3:26PM EST0 Reply

What is your favorite place in Lisbon?

Jan 29, 1:34PM EST0 Reply

Alfama area with narrow streets.



Jan 29, 2:14PM EST0 Reply

What age can you accommodate? Are the tours suitable for families with small kids? What about pets?

Jan 29, 12:46PM EST0 Reply

Yes our tours are for families with young children but before we have to know this information for safety reasons we will have to put up with the appropriate children's chairs for our mini van.

As for the animals we never had this question but since the animals are calm everything is possible.

We do not have accommodation but we can recommend or make a complete program with accommodation.



Jan 29, 2:20PM EST0 Reply

What are the must-see sights in Lisbon?

Jan 29, 10:44AM EST0 Reply

What is the most rewarding about your job? What do you like most about it?

Jan 29, 9:56AM EST0 Reply

Meet new people and other cultures and at the same time share the friendship with the Portuguese hospitality.



Jan 29, 3:23PM EST0 Reply

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you while at work?

Jan 29, 8:11AM EST0 Reply

I went to do a tour with a lady from Germany, to an exclusive beach, and when I prepared things to leave her at Praia (water and a bottle of champagne and some snacks) she started taking off all the clothes and started running all naked beach ... screaming you helped me realize my dream, which was to run naked on the beach.Of course I was a bit embarrassed by the situation, but then we all laughed at his joy.



Jan 29, 9:20AM EST0 Reply

When is the best time of the year to visit Lisbon?

Jan 29, 5:30AM EST0 Reply

All Year, today no rain and blue sky, and the temperature is 18º ibut from April and May the tempetarure is arond 24 and summer 32º

welcome to Portugal


Jan 29, 6:13AM EST0 Reply
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When you travel abroad do you hire a tour guide or you go sightseeing alone?

Jan 28, 8:16PM EST0 Reply

I hire a local guide, it makes everything easier and deeper, and a lot of fun.



Jan 29, 4:37AM EST0 Reply

How do you promote your work?

Jan 28, 7:49PM EST0 Reply

Social midia, reviews of my clients on Triadviser, Istagram, facebook, andsame flyers in Hotels but the last option doesnt work.I invest a lot i flyers (12.000) and result is zero.



Jan 29, 4:39AM EST0 Reply

Working with different people from different cultures and background can be exhausting. How do you keep your enthusiasm and motivation?

Jan 28, 1:17PM EST0 Reply

I have a lot of years of experience and the portuguese style is to give the sun to the people who visting us.for it very easy.

Jan 28, 3:15PM EST0 Reply

Have you ever had situation where people where unsatisfied with your service and refuse to pay you for the service?

Feb 8, 1:23PM EST0 Reply

How long is a typical tour? How much time do you spend in each place and do the tourists sightsee on foot?

Jan 28, 11:11AM EST0 Reply

The tour lasts 7 hours and we using a mini vamof 9 seats and we walk about 2 hours in each place approximately 20 minutes, but it all depends on the customers

Jan 28, 11:44AM EST0 Reply

What is your academic background? Do you need a degree in tourism to become professional tour guide?

Jan 28, 2:14AM EST0 Reply

My academic degree is postgraduate in marketing and tourism, and I took the course of amimation and tourism and the license of the cars of Portugal nº7 of 2005. To be guide now in Portugal it is easier it is enough to take the license of tourist animation company and to have all the insurance that is mandatory, and then study about the country and the history.

Jan 28, 4:57AM EST0 Reply

What are the traditional Portuguese foods to try when visiting?

Jan 28, 12:33AM EST0 Reply

In Portugal there are many traditional foods, but the most relevant is cod.There are over 1000 ways to cook cod.It is sold dry emsal and then has to be demolhadodurant 3 days before being cooked.


Jan 28, 5:00AM EST0 Reply

How many countries have you visited? What is your favorite destination and why?

Jan 27, 10:21PM EST0 Reply

Hello, the best to say the ones I did not visit. but I have visited many. the mt favorite is South of France and Dubai, for culture, luxury and modernity, but of course Portugal is one of the most fantastic Countries to live. freedom and the climate and people

Jan 28, 5:04AM EST0 Reply

Are there no-go zones for tourists in Lisbon?

Jan 27, 8:40PM EST0 Reply

Hello yes i go, because we local and we know the best way ans exclusive., for exiting tours ins afety way.

Jan 28, 5:05AM EST0 Reply

What is the most common thing that people don’t know about Portugal?

Jan 27, 5:33PM EST0 Reply

That we are one of the oldest nations in Europe, that we are a country with more than 800 years of history and that we were the first to make a transatlantic flight in at 100 year a go in one hydroplane and the trip took 4 months and 60 hours, carried out by Pilots Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral.

Last edited @ Jan 27, 6:07PM EST.
Jan 27, 6:05PM EST0 Reply
What is the best area to stay in Lisbon?
Jan 27, 5:00PM EST0 Reply

In Baixa Chiado because it is near of everything

Jan 27, 5:57PM EST0 Reply
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