Hi, I'm Jason & I am a Travel Rewards Consultant. I teach the use of travel points & airline miles for free travel & epic experiences like (free first-class flights, luxury hotel rooms etc.). AMA a Travel Hacker anything!

May 9, 2018

Ever heard of travel hacking? Basically, its the use of travel points + airline miles to travel for free (or EXTREMELY discounted, think 98% off). Over the last 3 years, I have redeemed over $100,000 in free travel by travel hacking. 

I have had some crazy experiences like flying first class (flights costing $5-$10k in cash, staying in luxury hotel rooms, booking a villa in Bali for a month, traveling fulltime for the last year & more all with the use of travel points & miles. 

After years of travel hacking & thousands of hours of research, I fell into Travel Rewards Consulting to teach others how to travel hack!

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What's the weirdest thing you have gotten for free?

May 15, 6:05PM EDT0
Whats rewarding about being a travel reward consultant?
May 14, 10:15PM EDT1
Where/Which travel portal do you book your flights and hotels from?
May 14, 11:58AM EDT0
What was the most regretful trip ever and why?
May 14, 8:10AM EDT0
Which travel credit card offers you the best cash back on booking flights and hotels?
May 13, 5:23PM EDT0

It depends on which airline and which hotel but my favorite card that offers the best value of any flexible card on the market for flights & hotels: bit.ly/2AJQpoN

May 14, 11:17AM EDT0
Have you ever travelled unplanned, no spontaneous, but just without researching and just seeing how the place will come out to be?
May 13, 3:16PM EDT0
As a travel blogger, do you get any free travels?
May 10, 8:34AM EDT0

Not as a travel blogger but I get plenty as a travel hacker :)

May 10, 1:21PM EDT0
How did you decide you wanted to make this into a job? What was the biggest challenge you faced when starting your own company?
May 10, 2:53AM EDT0

I just fell into it. After helping out friends and they told other people about all the awesome travel benefits they got for free and then people started asking to pay me to help them and here I am. 

May 10, 11:21AM EDT0
What other jobs -besides being a travel hacker- can a person do as a digital nomad?
May 10, 1:46AM EDT0

Here is 75 ideas: youtu.be/I_75Id0sVps

May 10, 11:18AM EDT0
How hard is it to become a travel hacker? What are some of the most important things a person needs to know if they want to be a travel hacker?
May 9, 11:52PM EDT0

There are many levels of travel hacking. Even with some basic / begginer knowledge you can get some awesome free perks. 

May 10, 1:25AM EDT0
What is the most important advice you can give a person that wants to work independently, without the hassle of location of work schedules?
May 9, 8:59PM EDT0

Learn a valuable skill & become an expert at it. When your good enough at something you start to make your own rules. 

May 9, 9:04PM EDT0
How did you come up with the idea to try travel hacking? What was your first experience like?
May 9, 8:12PM EDT0

Ever so often I would come across an article about how travel hackers get all these $10,000 flights for free so one day I decided to give it a try & my head exploded when I saw how much free travel I could get + a huge increase in my credit score.

May 9, 8:17PM EDT0
Would you say traveling as a nomad is exhausting and in what ways?
May 9, 5:08PM EDT0

Yes, it sure is. After a while changing locations freqnetly loses its fun and I just want to stay in one place for months at a time. This lets me really get to know the place and make friends and have a community.

As an online entreprenuer its hard to be productive when changing locations a lot. Also, the hunt for good internet is never ending!

May 9, 7:06PM EDT0
What are some hacks to get free (or low cost) upgrades to business or first class when traveling?
May 9, 4:36PM EDT0

Some airline will let you upgrade with points which is great! They may offer special deals if first class is empty. Also, when boarding the plane or just before, asking if there are deals for business or first class might landing you a super cheap upgrade. Waiting to the last minute will get you the best deal. 

May 9, 7:08PM EDT0
How fulfilling is it to be a nomadic traveller? What are some things you learned about yourself and the world with this experience?
May 9, 2:43PM EDT0

It's very fullfilling to make the world my office. I learned that living in some of the most simple places, warm weather and good surf make me super happy & I don't need much else. 

May 9, 7:19PM EDT0
What is your answer when people say "This sounds too good to be true"? How do you make them stop doubting and start believing?
May 9, 2:21PM EDT0

I get doubters all the time. I usually just show them pictures of my first class tickets :) and that usually quiets them up a bit

May 9, 7:04PM EDT0
What are the best affordable places a nomadic traveller can go to? What was your favourite place to visit?
May 9, 1:47PM EDT0

Bali is my all time favorite place so far. It's also very affordable once you get there!

May 9, 7:03PM EDT0
Have you ever just turned up at an airport and picked a flight to a random destination? Would you say you are a spontaneous person and if so, in what ways did it help you with your travel adventures?
May 9, 7:12AM EDT0

I have been known to not show up to flights, cancel or change destiations a few days before (actually I do this a lot) but I can't say I ever was that spontaneous. 

May 9, 7:10PM EDT0
What are some tools and resources travelers use to unlock secret fares and deals?
May 9, 6:35AM EDT0

www.secretflying.com/ is a good one.

Also, skiplagged.com/ is a pretty cool tool to check out. 

May 9, 7:14PM EDT0
Is there a book about travel hacking that you would recommend reading?
May 9, 6:08AM EDT0

This field moves to fast for books. The content would be outdated by the time the book was printed.

I reccomend blogs or Youtube to get the most up to date information. Sorry for the shameless plug to my own Youtube where I make nearly daily videos on travel hacking: www.youtube.com/nomadtravelhacker

May 9, 7:02PM EDT0
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