Hi I'm Jason & I'm a Travel Hacker + Travel Rewards Consultant. There is much confusion on how using of credit cards ruins your credit. I want to clear some of this up. Ask me anything

Jun 7, 2018

Ever heard of travel hacking? Basically, its the use of travel points + airline miles to travel for free (or EXTREMELY discounted, think 98% off). Over the last 3 years, I have redeemed over $100,000 in free travel by travel hacking. 

I want help other understand that using credit cards responsiblity can offer great benefits to your personal credit & rack up massive ammounts of points & miles for free travel!

After years of travel hacking & thousands of hours of research, I fell into Travel Rewards Consulting to teach others how to travel hack & use credit cards responsibly!

Ask me anything!

25 Dopest Credit Cards in The Game

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I get to fly in this $20,000+ flight for 100% free using points in August!

Venice, Italy

Took Mom & I in a $5k trip to London for under $200


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When did you get into the community of people who do travel hacking?
Jun 14, 2:04AM EDT0
Since there are many travel hackers who have started the blogging. Are credit card companies just going to start hiring you guys away to make it harder for folks to cash in? Do you see these loopholes—for lack of a better word—closing soon?
Jun 13, 1:43PM EDT0

Some bloggers like The Points Guy make money off of affiliate credit card sign up revenue but they don't work directly for the banks. I highly doubt they ever will either.

While many of the bloggers / vloggers (myself included) show loop holes of these systems, spreading the awareness of credit cards generates billions for the banks, credit card companies, airlines, etc. 

Everyone is making a ton of money and this will not stop anytime soon. More cards are coming out every single day!

Jun 13, 2:01PM EDT0
How do you manage multiple credit cards responsibly?
Jun 12, 8:00AM EDT0

I have automatic payment set up so the balance is always paid in full each month. Rule #1 in travel hacking!

Jun 12, 9:14PM EDT0
Do you cancel the cards after a year, when the annual fee comes due?
Jun 10, 6:20PM EDT0

There are better ways to get out of paying the annual fee than cancellig the card. 

Jun 10, 6:28PM EDT0
When is the best time to book a ticket on miles?
Jun 10, 4:50PM EDT0

Totally depends on the kind of miles you have. Some are better last minute & others are better wayyy in advance.

Jun 10, 5:35PM EDT0
Is there anyone who shouldn't try travel hacking?
Jun 9, 4:52PM EDT0

Anyone who can not handle the responsibility of a credit card. 

Jun 10, 5:35PM EDT0
Can you travel hack if you’re not a US citizen?
Jun 9, 8:57AM EDT0

Yes but its harder

Jun 10, 5:34PM EDT0
What’s the story behind your “brand name” Nomad Travel Hacker?
Jun 8, 9:46AM EDT0

Digital Nomad + Travel Hacker

Jun 10, 5:34PM EDT0
Would you rather check into a luxury city hotel or travel to a secluded resort by the beach?
Jun 8, 2:01AM EDT0

Def the beach!

Jun 10, 5:34PM EDT0
To get all these points, do you opt to use your credit card all the time and never pay cash anymore?
Jun 7, 10:47PM EDT0

Yes, that is essentially step one of travel hacking!

Jun 10, 5:33PM EDT0
How do you make time for all your travels?
Jun 7, 9:12PM EDT0

I work full time while I travel!

Jun 10, 5:33PM EDT0
Is it difficult to travel to a place where English is not widely spoken?
Jun 7, 8:37PM EDT0

It's usually not that big of an issue. The world speaks a lot more English than most people realize. Google Translate closes the gap when needed. 

Jun 10, 5:33PM EDT0
That $20k flight - is that first class or something beyond first class? What airline is this?
Jun 7, 3:13PM EDT0

Etihad First Class Apartment!

Jun 7, 4:06PM EDT0
Do you currently have a day job or do you travel all the time?
Jun 7, 10:45AM EDT0

Why can't you do both? I'm an entrepreneur and have a few projects I workon. http://www.nomadtravelhacker.com/ & https://www.vividwebmarketing.com/ are my main projects. 

Jun 7, 11:07AM EDT0
To get $100,000 worth of travels for 3 years, how much do you think you needed to spend on your credit card?
Jun 7, 8:36AM EDT0

Like I mentioned to another poster, not as much as you think. I know how to maximize my spending for maximum points. Also, I use points for a lot of last minute travels where the prices ecalate last minute but the point redeption is the same. Thats how I get tons of value.

Jun 7, 11:05AM EDT0
How does using your credit card help build your credit score?
Jun 7, 3:27AM EDT0

Paying your card on time each month, keeping a low or zero balance & having access to large lines of credit & building long term relationships with banks have helped my credit score increase over 100 points!

Jun 7, 11:11AM EDT0
Where is your dream destination - one you’ve never been too yet?
Jun 7, 2:09AM EDT0

Austrailia is probably top of my list right now!

Jun 7, 11:02AM EDT0
Do you ever feel like flight crew or hotel staff are treating you less special when they know you’re traveling for free?
Jun 6, 10:50PM EDT0

Nope never. 

Jun 7, 11:02AM EDT0
How do you spend so much on your credit to be able to earn this much points?
Jun 6, 4:14PM EDT0

Not as much as you might think. Its all about mazimizing your spending to get the most possible out of it. 

Jun 7, 11:02AM EDT0
What would you consider your top 5 travel destinations?
Jun 6, 3:38PM EDT0

Australia, Gran Canaria, Iceland, Azores Portugal (going next month) & Croatia

Jun 7, 11:09AM EDT0
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