Hola! My name is Celi Baker. Venezuelan living in Canada. I run a travel with purpose company to help you take meaningful vacations. Ask me anything!

Celi Baker
Jun 11, 2018

As a Venezuelan living in Canada I understand the value of living in a 1st. world country, however, when we travel - as 1st world country people - do we reach out to help those less fortunate at our destinations? Do we make a point to see and visit those places that need a hand? I plan group trips with meaning. Volunteer work & wellness retreats.I started this company with a friend because we saw the need out there. People take vacations, spend lots of money and come back home without a sense of accomplishement. Now, more than ever the world is becoming more and more connected and people want to be part of something bigger than themselves... even during their vacation. To disconnect from their daily life and do something that makes them feel better is something people are searching for all over the world.www.mysoultrips.com is our website. Come visit, leave a message, say hello, book a trip! Check out our pictures and videos here https://www.mysoultrips.com/gallery And if you are passionate about what we do, you can become an Ambassador of Soul Trips. Ask me anything! :) 

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Are there more women than men joining Soul Trips? Would it be awkward for a male to join the trip especially on his own?
Jun 17, 7:26PM EDT0
Would you recommend Soul Trips to stay-at-home moms who really just need a break?
Jun 17, 5:25AM EDT0
Is it best to go on a soul trip solo or would it be more ideal to tag a friend along?
Jun 16, 9:48PM EDT0
How much does it cost to join a soul trip?
Jun 16, 7:10AM EDT0

Hi Julius!Soul Trips are all inclusive trips. All you have to do is get your airfare to the destination, everything else, we take care of, lodging, transportation, all meals, activities, workshops, volunteer activities, classes, etc.Our December trip costs $699us Early bird and General $799us. You only need $100us to register and save your spot. :) 

Jun 16, 5:10PM EDT0
Is it all wholesome when joining Soul Trips or can one go out to party for some dancing and drinking too?
Jun 16, 6:40AM EDT0

Hi Albatross, Thanks for your question... Normally, the people that go on a Soul Trip take those 4 days to relax, explore, relflect, etc. We, as a company don't plan any activities to go our dancing and drinking, but, if people want to plan stuff to do in their own time, we are ok with that.  Everyone that comes to travel with Soul Trips is an adult and can do pretty much what they want. We don't encourage it because it breaks the environment we crate. Thanks for stopping by

Jun 16, 5:08PM EDT0
What’s one place you’ve never been to but dream to visit in the future?
Jun 13, 2:12PM EDT0

Niloy10! Thanks for stopping by... I would love to go to India, Costa Rica. How about you? 

Jun 13, 2:30PM EDT0
What’s it like being a foreigner living in Canada?
Jun 13, 12:31PM EDT0

Maria! Hello! Canada is a country made by foreigners pretty much. Everytime I go out to the store I see people from all different backgrounds, countries, colors, etc. :)  It is a very diverse country so it feels just fine to be here. Canadians are very welcoming. - The winter, not so much! haha. 

Jun 13, 2:29PM EDT0

Where are the best eco friendly places to stay in your opinion (top 3)?

Jun 13, 11:48AM EDT0

Hi Mike! There is a place called La Cueva del Tapir, in the Cancun area. We had a retreat there in January. They even have a Cenote - sink hole - inside the area. There are many others places in the Cancun area, specially if you look in the "Ruta de los cenotes" thats around Puerto Morelos - 20 to 30 min from Cancun. 3 specifically I can't give you because I haven't stayed in TOP places myself. I recommend La Cueva del Tapir because I was there and had an amazing experience. Thanks for stopping by! 

Jun 13, 2:27PM EDT0
Why did you decide to move to Canada? How long have you been living there?
Jun 13, 12:58AM EDT0

Kristen! Thanks for your questions. I marrie a canadian, haha, so, I had pretty much no option. :)  I have been here for 5 years. Initially I left Venezuela in 2007 due to the political situation there, so, I have been in a few places since then. 

Jun 13, 2:25PM EDT0
What are your personal favorite travel destinations of all time?
Jun 12, 6:16PM EDT0

Monjy, hi! Thanks for stopping by! My favorite country is Japan. Love it there, the people, the food, the crazy good way things work, technology... everything! Except for earthquakes.  :) 

Jun 13, 2:24PM EDT0
Are your soul trips focused only in Mexican destinations? Why is that?
Jun 12, 3:31PM EDT0

Hi Angie! For now our Soul Trips have been to Mexican destinations - Why? My partner lives there and I lived there for 5 years, so, that made it easier for us to start.  However we are focusing on international destinations starting on 2019. April we are going to Costa Rica!!! :) 

Jun 13, 2:23PM EDT0

This is a great idea, Celi!  Who is your average traveler -- age? income? traveling "intrepidness"?

Jun 12, 11:05AM EDT0

Hi Kelly! Thanks for your comment. :) Our average traveler... this is a funy questions, we get people from all ages, at our last retreat we had a young girl who was 20 and a lady who was 62.  I will say the average we get is 35-40.  For income, we don't really investigate that part, however our target is to reach people from 25 - 45 years old with an income that permits them to take a vacation at least twice a year, whatever that is in everyone's country. And travel intrepidness - I like this term, I think I will use it - Again we get very experienced travelers and new ones too. The great thing is that, specially for those new ones, the environment of a soul trip is very welcoming and easy going. :) 

Jun 12, 5:11PM EDT0
How important is creating a travel itinerary in advance?
Jun 12, 7:05AM EDT0

Hi Mabhierox! Thanks for stopping by!For us at Soul Trips, we HAVE to have a travel intinerary, there is no way or trips will go as smooth if we didn't have one. In our case, it is very important because we have to hire services for specific times, meals, activities, classes, workshops, volunteer work, so, yes!!! YES! If you are going on a normal vacation, you can maybe skip it,  but I rather have evething plan before I get to my destination... always. 

Jun 12, 10:44AM EDT0
Do you plan to eventually expand your services to other destinations, such as Venezuela for instance?
Jun 11, 8:55PM EDT0

Hi Chinkerbelle! YES! YES! We are right now in the process of planning a couple of trips to Mexico, which has been our destination as of now, but, we are also planning Cost Rica for next April!Venezuela, even though I would love to take people there to show them how beautiful the country is, the political, economical situation of the country is not the best right now for us to be responsible for a group of foreigners there. If or when the situation in Venezuela gets better, believe me, I will be the first one voting to go there!!! Thanks for your question!

Jun 12, 10:42AM EDT0
What qualities are you looking for in your ambassadors? What is the process to become one?
Jun 11, 8:53PM EDT0

Chunky! What a great name. :)  Thanks for your questions. We are looking for open minded, passionate travelers, fun individuals to become part of our Ambassador's team. The process is very simple, you just have to go to our website and answer a few questions about yourself on the ambassador's application HERE

One of the conditions is that you do at least one announcement about Soul Trips in your social media a month, and you post @mysoultrips ambassador on you social media bio.Other than that, you get all the benefits we offer to our ambassadors. :) 

Jun 12, 10:40AM EDT0
How is a typical Soul Trip experience? What kind of activities do you offer tourists that give their vacations some meaning?
Jun 11, 6:29PM EDT0

Hi Shegil! Great questions!!! A typical Soul Trip experience lasts 5 days / 4 nights, everyone arrives at a designated airport, get picked by our staff and we take you to the accommodations, get you settled and we have a welcome dinner together.  The nect few days we spend exploring the area, doing some workshops, volunteering and enjoying the beauty of the place. You can check our What to expect section to know more details HERE

Your vacations have meaning as long as you are there for a purpose, wether it is to work on yourself, your mind, your soul, to volunteer, etc. The activities we offer go from wellness to personal development workshops, volunteer opportunities in the local community... we have painted murals with elementary school kids, been to nursing homes to give the residents roses on valentine's day, done special dinners for homeless and residents of very poor communities, among other activities.I hope this answers your questions, if you want to know more about Soul Trips and how to go on a meaningful vacation, keep asking, or visit our website. :) 

Jun 12, 10:36AM EDT0
Is it better to get help from travel agencies than book your own trips?
Jun 11, 2:42PM EDT0

Hi Ishelton! It all depends on what you want. If your trip includes a lot of activities, my recommedation is to go through a travel agent. If you are just buying a ticket, you can do that online. Soul Trips is not a travel agency, however, we plan unique experiences for people to travel with purpose. Let me know if you have more questions! 

Jun 11, 3:37PM EDT0
How did you find out this particular kind of travel with a purpose was being neglected in the industry?
Jun 11, 1:11PM EDT0

Hi Anmaya! We've been traveling the world for over 25 years if you combine all the travel years of my partner and myself. When we started talking about starting Soul Trips, we started researching the industry to find out that many organizations offer opportunities to go volunteer with them for a long period of time, or at a high cost, mainly staying in host families, not many with comfortable accommodations.  Not one with a combination of wellness and volunteer work like us!We offer a unique combianation of both, wellness and volunteer work. Thanks for stopping by! 

Jun 11, 1:56PM EDT0
What is the process one needs to follow in order to travel with Soul Trips?
Jun 9, 11:26PM EDT0

Swatikapoor, hello! To travel with Soul Trips, all you have to do is go to our website and apply by filling out a form, for the trip of your preference. We ask you for a reservation fee and information about yourself. Then, you come back to us to finish your payment and give us a few more details about yourself and background.  You pack and meet up with us at a destination. :) 

Jun 10, 12:49PM EDT0
What should one expect during one's trip with Soul Trips?
Jun 9, 8:50PM EDT0

Hi Jgawcen!Thanks for reaching out! The best way to understand everything that happens in a Soul Trip is by going to our website to the WHAT TO EXPECT section. Basically, we have 5 day trips. Arrival day, Experience days, Exploration days and departure day. Workshops, wellness disciplines, great healthy food, volunteer work and much more. :) 

Jun 10, 12:46PM EDT0
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