I am running a competition for international travel and business. AMA!

Samantha Robinson
Sep 5, 2018

I am running a competition for someone to join my affiliate marketing team. The winner gets a 2 week trip to Puerto Rico to volunteer with All Hands and Hearts volunteers who do amazing work after natural disasters. I am offering one on one training to learn the basics of online marketing. It's a huge risk but you have to spend money to make money, right?


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If you are not an expert in a niche, how do you persuade people to trust your opinion and buy from you?
Sep 7, 11:30AM EDT0

Be reliable with the content you're putting out and be a genuine person, people tend to get a good feeling for who they can trust.

Sep 8, 6:37AM EDT0
For someone interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer, where should you start?
Sep 7, 8:05AM EDT0

There is so much information to be found on Youtube, that's where I first came across the industry.When I became serious about pursuing it as a career I watched this webinar 26andenglish.com/work-with-me

Sep 7, 8:31AM EDT0
Is there a cost associated with signing up for an affiliate program?
Sep 7, 2:29AM EDT0

Most low ticket programs do not have a cost, however, you won't make much money off of these.The community I am apart of costs $99 to sign up and has an abundance of training.

Sep 7, 8:33AM EDT0
What types of companies, brands, or products do you see find the most success working with affiliate travel bloggers like you?
Sep 6, 6:50PM EDT0
How long does it take to master your affiliate marketing knowledge? Do affiliates need a certification to be an affiliate?
Sep 6, 5:32AM EDT0

Marketing is an ever-changing and growing industry, there is no certification for online affiliate marketing but you do need to be dedicated to keeping up with the new trends and training.

Sep 6, 9:54AM EDT0
If you were to give advice to a business starting an affiliate program, what would it be?
Sep 5, 10:43PM EDT0

Sorry, Can you rephrase the question?Are you asking about a business starting its own affiliate program or an individual joining an affiliate program?

Sep 6, 9:22AM EDT0
What do you feel is the biggest challenge for a blogger managing an affiliate marketing program?
Sep 5, 5:06PM EDT0

Staying interesting and engaging people.

Sep 5, 5:39PM EDT0
Have you travelled to Puerto Rico yourself?
Sep 5, 1:15PM EDT0

Not yet, I leave for Puerto Rico very early November.I try to visit a country only once because it is my dream to have stepped foot in every country, so can't be wasting trips. 

Sep 5, 1:50PM EDT0
What would you say are the top five skills needed to run a successful affiliate marketing team?
Sep 5, 9:04AM EDT0

Ability to either write or confidence to film yourself.


The ability to learn (being stubborn and thinking you can do it without first learning the basics will get you nowhere).

Patience, not every potential customer will want to buy something straight away.

Basic photography.

Sep 5, 1:53PM EDT0
How much money can be made with affiliate marketing?
Sep 5, 8:56AM EDT0

The founders of the community I am part of are all 7 figure earners. My personal coach, who has been an affiliate marketer a little over a year, earned over $37,000 in one month alone.The earning potential is limitless, it's all about how much effort you put in.

Sep 5, 9:00AM EDT0
What all is included in the trip to Puerto Rico? What should the winner be prepared for?
Sep 5, 6:42AM EDT0

Return Flights (1st December 2018 – 15th December 2018)Travel insurance2 nights hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico on arrival10/11 days volunteering with All Hands and Hearts2 nights hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico before departureOne on one personalised training to set up and start your new online business, including:

Photography tipsPhotograph editingVideo editingSet up a Facebook business account and pageSet up a personal websiteCreate your first business advert

Sep 5, 7:08AM EDT0
What is the most innovative idea you have had that has resulted in increased traffic to your blog and more exposure?
Sep 5, 1:48AM EDT0

I've got to say it is this competition, it's not every day you see an individual put up such a high prize, but I am super happy to be sharing what I love with someone else.

Sep 5, 8:02AM EDT0
Where can people find out more about this competition and your affiliate marketing program?
Sep 5, 12:58AM EDT0

For the competition 26andenglish.comAnd for a free webinar about the affiliate program 26andenglish.com/work-with-me

Sep 5, 7:09AM EDT0
What does an affiliate marketing team do? How do you use this for your own business?
Sep 4, 7:28PM EDT0

We promote products and lifestyle through Facebook ads.The bigger your team, the more support you have and the more people to bounce ideas off each other.

Sep 5, 5:39PM EDT0
How did you get the idea of running a competition? How many queries have you received so far?
Sep 4, 7:19PM EDT0

It just came to me, I love to travel and I love volunteering, I think this bold move sets me apart from others in my industry.So far I am still in the promotion stages (only 2 days in) but I expected this, as with any venture into business, people will want to think on it for a couple days.

Sep 5, 8:10AM EDT0
How do you build an effective affiliate marketing team? What core values do you look for before adding someone to your team?
Sep 4, 6:33PM EDT0

The brilliant thing about affiliate marketing is that everyone is their own boss. Each person owns their own brand and business, by joining my team you are gaining me as your coach but I own no part of your business.Having said that, I would hope to have people who are hard working, enthusiastic and willing to learn.The way to build an effective business is through learning, absorbing as much information as you can and give out something unique that people haven't seen before.

Sep 5, 7:46AM EDT0
How would you pick the winner of the competition and how long would the training be?
Sep 4, 4:54PM EDT0

I am going to pick the winner the good old fashioned way by picking a name out of a hat.The training will be, estimated, an hour every day after volunteering, but I am quite happy to make it longer if the winner is enthusiastic and wants to learn! 

Sep 5, 7:43AM EDT0
How do you go about online marketing? What do you use and what worked best for you?
Sep 4, 4:49PM EDT0

Facebook ads are the most popular and easiest way to market yourself. Every time you scroll through your newsfeed you are likely to see not one but several sponsored posts.

Sep 5, 8:03AM EDT0
Will there be only one winner or are there any chances of multiple winners to get the online training and visit Puerto Rico?
Sep 4, 11:52AM EDT0

Everyone who joins my team receives the online training. The trip to Puerto Rico and the one on one help to set up and understand the business is currently open to only one winner.However, if this competition is successful I will definitely do another one in the future.

Sep 4, 1:32PM EDT0
Who can participate in this competition? Is there any specific eligibility criteria to join your team?
Sep 4, 10:29AM EDT0

The only requirements are that the person is 21 or over and able to get to any of the selected airports in the UK, USA or Canada.After that, the competition is open to anyone who signs up to be a part of my team.

Sep 4, 1:29PM EDT0
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