I quit my job and I've been solo bacpacking Southeast Asia off savings for the past 2 months. AMA!

Anthony Carchidi
May 12, 2018

I quit my job and I've been solo bacpacking Southeast Asia off savings for the past 2 months and have bene to Taiwan, Vietnam, Thaiand, Myanmar and currently in Cambodia.

Many people have been asking many questions on my Facebook page, so I thouh this would be a great way to share all my answers in one area! 

Anything goes my friends!



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Are you working full-time on anything at the moment?
May 18, 3:43AM EDT1
Do you ever feel like settling down in one place or do you want to enjoy backpacking as long as you can?
May 18, 3:12AM EDT0
What about the language barrier in Cambodia and other South East Asian countries? Do you communicate with the people who predominately use their language only?
May 17, 7:25PM EDT0
Do you still save before going for any travel or tour? If so, how do you do that?
May 17, 5:06PM EDT0
What do you think still lacks in most of the South East Asian Countries?
May 16, 2:51PM EDT0

lacks is a diffucult word as we tend to always think we have "more" in the West.. but they they lack quality infastructure, especially roads

but there just isn't the money to do it.

May 17, 2:26AM EDT0
What's the most fascinating thing about Cambodia? How different is it from other South East Asian countries?
May 16, 5:32AM EDT0

They us USD as main currency and love to give your riel back as change. Also before you can ever get off of your transportation there will be a tuk tuk driver asking you where you want to go . So far though Angkor wat was cool and I will go to the killing fields in Phnom penh 

May 16, 9:26AM EDT0
How do you end up traveling and yet saving?
May 15, 3:08PM EDT0

I saved before I traveled. 

May 15, 7:11PM EDT0
How much did you save before attempting your journey?
May 13, 10:06PM EDT0

15 000 grand

May 14, 9:27PM EDT0
How do you supplement your travel income? Do you take an odd job here and there? What kind of jobs did you do?
May 13, 6:46PM EDT0

I saved for 1 year to do what I'm doing.. sometimes I use couch surfing so I can stay for free. It is possible to work in hostels with no pay but free accommodation and food.  

May 13, 8:50PM EDT0
What are the best tourist destinations in Cambodia?
May 13, 6:26PM EDT0

Siem reap and Phnom penh arw to big ones. And then maybe head to kampot ot koh rong

May 13, 8:51PM EDT0
Why did you quit instead of just getting a vacation?
May 13, 5:11PM EDT0

I wanted to travel for a long time. 

May 13, 8:51PM EDT0
What is the most exotic cuisine you've tried so far?
May 13, 1:25PM EDT0

Haha exotic .. maybe grasshoppers, larva, living octopus, and sometimes just SEA street food haha

May 13, 8:52PM EDT0
Myanmar isn't known to be a tourist destination. What made you decide to go there?
May 13, 11:26AM EDT0

That's exactly why I went. A lot of land isnt run down by tourism yet.. perfect time to go :)

May 13, 1:18PM EDT0
What kind of research did you do before planning your trip?
May 13, 8:07AM EDT0

When I first started.. a lot.. now I just go by the day lol 

May 13, 1:18PM EDT0
Why did you choose southeast Asia or all the other places you could have gone to?
May 13, 7:23AM EDT0

Becuase it was closest to Korea and Australia.. I plan on moving to Australia after traveling.. I also lived in Korea teaching esl for 4 years.

May 13, 7:26AM EDT0
How much time do you spend in a single country?
May 13, 6:02AM EDT0

I try to budget around 1000 cdn per month...but so far it hasn't been working out.. especially if you want to do trips and see things... accommodation cost anywhere between 3-15 cdn dollar per night.. then food you do like 2-10 dollars a day because most places do free breakfast... the killer is transportation and booking trips.

May 13, 7:12AM EDT0
Are you travelling just to explore or do you have a reason for it?
May 13, 5:24AM EDT0

Explore and learn new things

May 14, 9:26PM EDT0
Which country would you want to visit twice and why?
May 13, 3:14AM EDT0

I want to go back to Myanmar... I only spent 2 weeks and I wish I would have stayed longer

May 14, 9:26PM EDT0
What did you do for a living before quitting? Do you fear you might not be able to get a new job when you return home?
May 13, 12:00AM EDT0

I taught English In Korea for 4 years... I plan on moving to Australia to do a working holiday in August or September.. never a shortage to work

May 13, 2:05AM EDT0
Did you have second thoughts about quitting your job?
May 12, 11:24PM EDT0

Absolutely... I have great friends I. KOREA who I miss everyday. My job was meh but my friends are amazing.

May 13, 2:06AM EDT0
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