I'm a travel professional and travel blogger who has lived in 3 countries over the past 3 years. I'm also pretty passionate about getting young people of colour travelling. Ask me anything!

Aug 7, 2018

Hi! I'm Sascha, a 23-year-old travel marketing professional and travel blogger. I run the travel blog Feathers & Butterflies where I share my experience and travel tips for fellow twenty-somethings. 

I've also recently launched my own YouTube channel and am planning on starting a series of posts across both platforms, giving young people of colour an insight into the different creative careers available in the travel industry. 

Let me know if you have any questions about blogging, travelling, volunteering abroad or being a young person of colour trying to find your way in the creative world. 

If you'd like to follow my travels, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Looking forward to your questions!


Feathers & Butterflies | Brown Girl Travels 


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What is International Citizen Service and how did you come across this organization and start your volunteering experience?
Aug 12, 12:02PM EDT0
How would you describe the brand that you built around yourself as a travel blogger?
Aug 11, 4:32PM EDT0

I am planning a trip in October to the Dordogne area in France. I prefer to settle down in one spot and take day trips in a rented car. Any suggestion as to where would be the best spot to base myself for 10 days? (Note:  I am on a comfortable budget. )

Aug 11, 12:51PM EDT0
What ideas do you have on how to make travel more sustainable?
Aug 11, 10:08AM EDT0
How does one find the right volunteering options? What aspects should be taken into consideration before volunteering abroad?
Aug 9, 6:52AM EDT0
What is the most important lesson that life on the road has taught you?
Aug 9, 3:56AM EDT0
Do you have a country or city that was dissapointing afterwards? If so, why?
Aug 8, 12:49PM EDT0
What are the three golden tips for other travel bloggers who want to travel and work around the world?
Aug 8, 9:23AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on writing a travel blog when one has never had the travel experience but is relying on information on the internet for content?
Aug 8, 7:46AM EDT0
What was the main source of inspiration for the design, layout, and aesthetics of your blog?
Aug 8, 5:41AM EDT0
Which country stands high on your bucket list?
Aug 7, 7:34PM EDT0

Hey Deanne,

Iceland and Australia/New Zealand. I've recently become super interested in visiting South America too!


Aug 10, 7:57AM EDT0
What did you enjoy the most about your time in Cambodia?
Aug 7, 4:37AM EDT0

Hey Bheem,

Definitely the amazing relationships I was able to form and the incredible people I got to meet!


Aug 10, 7:56AM EDT1
What key items should one never forget when traveling?
Aug 7, 2:57AM EDT0

Hey Paola,

Apart from your passport (the obvious), I'd say an adapter plug and things to keep you entertained on the road - e.g. books, headphones, a travel diary is also a must!


Aug 10, 7:56AM EDT0
Do you have specific goals in mind when planning your travels? What process do you follow for your planning?
Aug 7, 2:06AM EDT0

Hey Gamerhuy,

It depends on the type of trip really! In general though, I just use TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet guides to get a bit of insight before I go and then wander around/talk to locals once I'm out there!


Aug 10, 7:54AM EDT0
In your experience, what are the main challenges faced by young people that want to go out and travel?
Aug 6, 11:04PM EDT0

Hey Dennis,

Money, expectations (from parents or society about what they should actually be doing) and fear of the unknown!


Aug 10, 7:52AM EDT0
How has your degree in law helped you in becoming a travel marketing professional?
Aug 6, 9:59PM EDT0

Hey Evoh,

The honest truth is that it hasn't, at all. The French side of things has obviously helped me in terms of language speaking but the actual law has had nothing to do with it. I've got all my jobs purely from things I've taught myself, such as my blog and my travel experiences!


Aug 10, 7:52AM EDT0
Why are you focusing on people of color? Don't you think this will affect the traffic to your blog since people who are not of color may think this blog is not for them?
Aug 6, 8:56PM EDT0

Hey Claricel,

I'm not necessarily focusing just on people of colour - I'm just creating another bit of space that caters for them because I think we're hugely underrepresented in a lot of media spheres!


Aug 10, 7:48AM EDT0
What impact has being a volunteer had on you as an individual in the way you see life and figuring out what is important?
Aug 6, 8:09PM EDT0

Hey Tinay,

It's really changed the way I think about my priorities - it's made me way more grateful for the things I have and the choices I'm able to make. That in turn has led me to realise relationships and purpose/making a difference are more important than the material things!


Aug 10, 7:43AM EDT0
For someone wondering what value is in traveling, what would you tell him?
Aug 6, 7:07PM EDT0

There's so much you learn from travel that you simply can't learn anywhere else - experience is the best teacher so get out there and go!

Aug 9, 12:02PM EDT0
What are so of the most exciting features that make travelling unique for you?
Aug 6, 4:45PM EDT0

Meeting new people, seeing amazing things, sharing of cultures and of course, eating different cuisines. 

Aug 9, 12:00PM EDT0
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