I'm the editor of a new magazine, Travel Trends - ask me anything

Jo Fletcher-Cross
Aug 28, 2018

Travel Trends is a magazine and website published by APL Media, aimed at travel industry professionals, reporting on key trends and developments in various market sectors. The first print edition, launched on 21 August, is Travel Trends Latin America; coming up are Travel Trends Adventure, Travel Trends Pacific Asia and Travel Trends Golf, among others. The aim is to enable the trade to sell regions and sectors with confidence and authority.

Ask me anything about travel trends, working on this publication, travel publishing - whatever you feel is relevant.



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What characteristics do you think all good editors have in common?
Aug 30, 8:25AM EDT0
Is there a particular location that you enjoyed more than all the others and if so, what was so special about it?
Aug 30, 8:06AM EDT0
What has been your biggest challenge as an online travel publisher?
Aug 30, 7:36AM EDT0
Has your role in the industry evolved over the years? If so, can you tell what your role used to entail as opposed to what it entails now?
Aug 30, 3:19AM EDT0
What have been popular travel areas in the year 2018? Why the popularity in these areas?
Aug 29, 11:05AM EDT0
What can readers become educated on from reading Travel Trends?
Aug 29, 7:49AM EDT0
Besides selling copies, what else is involved in your business model? Are you also including paid advertisements?
Aug 29, 7:04AM EDT0
What does it take to be featured in your magazine?
Aug 29, 4:46AM EDT0
Why did you choose to go for a printed format instead of going for a fully electronic version of the magazine?
Aug 28, 10:59PM EDT0

We believe that a traditional print product does still have a place, particularly in travel publishing. Travel Trends is intended to be a useful work of reference so having it in a print version is vital for those who want to keep resources on hand. Of course, it's also available as a digital version.

Aug 29, 4:43AM EDT0
Is your team also generating web content in order to enhance the impact or the magazine?
Aug 28, 5:30PM EDT0

Yes, we are. Not just related to the publications but around travel trends in general.

Aug 29, 4:43AM EDT0

How well do you know the places before you feature them in your magazine? 

Aug 28, 4:30AM EDT0

I'd usually investigate the area to a certain extent before commissioning a feature. If it's somewhere I really don't know at all then I'd consult with the writer - who I'd have selected because they know the place intimately - to see what might be good to focus on. It's impossible to be an expert on every area in the world, but because I work in an office with excellent travel editors and journalists there's often someone around who has a working knowledge of a place I'm about to commission a piece on, who I can talk ideas through with.

Aug 28, 5:27AM EDT0

Is it also available online? 

Aug 28, 4:25AM EDT0

Many of the features are online at travel-trends.co.uk, and more will follow. There's also exclusive online content available. 

Aug 28, 5:28AM EDT0
Can you describe the process used by your writers to uncover a particular destination? Do you send them to explore the cities?
Aug 27, 10:48AM EDT0
What elements are most important to present to readers who want to know more about how to plan a luxery vacation?
Aug 27, 9:51AM EDT0
Who would be the target demographic for your magazine? How do you promote your magazine among your target market?
Aug 27, 8:11AM EDT0

It's aimed at travel trade professionals in the UK and Ireland. We have a database of named decision-making professionals who receive print and digital copies of the magazine, and we also have a very strong Twitter presence which is useful for promotion. Each of the publications is produced in partnership with a professional organisation - for instance, LATA for Travel Trends Latin America - and they also let their members know about it.

We take part in relevant events and trade shows to make sure those in the know, know about Travel Trends.

Last edited @ Aug 28, 5:33AM EDT.
Aug 28, 5:32AM EDT0
Do you have writers from different continents to help you cover the different regions of the world?
Aug 27, 7:01AM EDT0

Yes, sometimes. We mostly use UK-based travel writers who know the regions very well, as the publications are aimed at the UK market, but it's not unheard of to have writers on the ground.

Aug 28, 5:35AM EDT0
What pitfalls have you come across getting this publication off the ground?
Aug 27, 5:31AM EDT0

I'm keenly aware that we are often covering vast areas and I want to be sure we get the right destinations in, as well as making sure we are absolutely on top of current trends. There haven't been many pitfalls, but staying abreast of trends in the relevant areas is definitely the trickiest (though also the most interesting) part of getting this off the ground.

Aug 28, 5:37AM EDT0
In what ways are you going to incorporate golf and other topics in the Travel Trends publication?
Aug 27, 5:14AM EDT0

We have a separate Travel Trends Golf magazine, which carries on and expands on a publication we used to produce (ABTA Golf). It's a very successful product, with a lot of room to really go into depth on golf trends and amazing courses all around the world. 

Aug 28, 5:39AM EDT0
What are a few goals you have for Travel Trends in the next few years?
Aug 27, 4:53AM EDT0

We'd like to expand the range so we're working in partnership with lots of relevant organisations. I'd like us to be seen as the principal source of trends information for the travel trade in the UK and Ireland. 

Aug 28, 5:41AM EDT0
What are a few popular travel trends for 2018? Which are your favorites?
Aug 26, 11:28AM EDT0
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