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Sprewell Evans
Apr 16, 2018

What are you looking for in your future vacation plan, where do you intend to go,  how much would you spend on a vacation, how many vacations per year are you planning on taking, what time of the year do you like to travel, what means of transportation would you like to use, what level of hotel would you stay in, what are your expectations for a vacation package?

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How much does a vacation depend on how much money is invested into it?
Apr 17, 10:00AM EDT0
How often do you think one should take a vacation? What are the main reasons to take a vacation?
Apr 17, 6:20AM EDT0
What are the most important aspects of deciding on a destination place for a vacation?
Apr 17, 4:57AM EDT0
How many people work in your agency? Are they all travel agents or are there more jobs?
Apr 16, 11:02PM EDT0
Do you usually plan your own vacations, or do you hire someone to plan it for you?
Apr 16, 10:57PM EDT0
Is it possible to travel with a tight budget? What are some key ways to save money on vacation?
Apr 16, 8:54PM EDT0
Do you find that tourist attractions are generally the best places to go while on vacation, or do you think finding the hidden gems offers a better experience?
Apr 16, 6:55PM EDT0
What are some of the advantages of using a travel agency over trying to plan a vacation yourself?
Apr 16, 11:02AM EDT0
What are your plans for your future, and does it involve the travel agency?
Apr 16, 10:58AM EDT0
What is the best undiscovered vacation destination you’ve come upon?
Apr 16, 10:14AM EDT0
How did you get into the travel agency business? Is this a passion you have or are you utilizing skills you have learned to make a living?
Apr 16, 9:07AM EDT0
How much does a travel agency cost, and how much of that is paid to you?
Apr 16, 5:52AM EDT0
Has anyone ever been disappointed in your help, and do you feel personally responsible when this happens?
Apr 16, 3:04AM EDT0
What type of clients do you typically work with, and do you usually get along with them?
Apr 16, 2:26AM EDT0
How accurate are common perceptions of vacation destination? How can you tell if this information is reliable?
Apr 15, 5:11PM EDT0
Do you ever have any clients that are hard to trust your information? What qualifications do you have to be planning vacations?
Apr 15, 1:18PM EDT0
What type of activities would you personally choose for your dream vacation?
Apr 15, 12:46PM EDT0
Where do you go to research vacation spots? What are some of the best ways to find out more information?
Apr 15, 8:56AM EDT0
What do you do for leisure? Do you like hobbies or relaxing?
Apr 15, 8:49AM EDT0
Do you typically help people decide what destination to travel to, or what to do at a certain destination they have decided upon?
Apr 15, 3:46AM EDT0
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