Living my travel bucket list every day and loving it! Ask me anything about my travel and lifestyle blog!

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Sep 12, 2018

Living my bucket list of travel adventures and hotel, cruises & tour reviews too. My hubs and I are now empty nesters and we are absolutely loving it! Read my blog where I share about my childhood trauma experiences and overcoming them to becoming a strong woman entrepreneur! Motorcycle adventures coming soon! The husband is trying to make me a motorcycle chick! LOL


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Do you have a country or city that was disappointing afterwards?
Sep 14, 5:09PM EDT0
Are you adding to your bucket list as you go? What place would you like to visit that you never thought you could?
Sep 14, 3:26PM EDT0
What has traveling taught you about yourself?
Sep 14, 6:28AM EDT0
What has been the most surreal place you have ever visited? What made it so magical?
Sep 14, 12:37AM EDT0
When it comes to travel, what kinds of experiences do you find the most rewarding?
Sep 13, 9:53PM EDT0
Having the experiences you have now what do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self?
Sep 13, 5:49AM EDT0

To love myself regardless of what others think of me! I AM Enough! It only matters what God thinks of me! 

Sep 13, 6:58PM EDT0
Why did you decide to share your childhood trauma on your blog?
Sep 13, 4:21AM EDT0

To share with my readers about me and how God spared my life and that praying does work, God does hear our prayers! 

Sep 13, 6:56PM EDT0
What do readers have to look forward to with the motorcycle adventures?
Sep 12, 6:48PM EDT0

Motorcycle rides with motor clubs with fundraising for needy children for Christmas, parades and travel adventures too, and places on my bucket list. 

Sep 13, 7:00PM EDT0
How do you pack when you are going away? What are your tips for packing?
Sep 12, 3:47PM EDT0

Vacum pack in large zip lock bags with clothes rolled up to save on space when traveling light! I will learn to pack even lighter now that we will be traveling via motorcycle! Lol stay tuned! 

Sep 13, 7:02PM EDT0
Do you have any travel hacks that you would like to share?
Sep 12, 10:39AM EDT0

Roll my clothes up in a large zip lock bag and vacum seal it for space for light traveling! I will learn to light travel better now that we we be motorcycle traveling! Stay tuned! 

Sep 13, 7:04PM EDT0
How long have you been blogging your bucket list and how does it feel?
Sep 12, 7:59AM EDT0

Since 2016, absolutely love it! I love being able to actually live out my list and check it off my list with my better half ❤️

Sep 13, 7:06PM EDT0
What made you decide to open a blog to narrate your experiences?
Sep 12, 6:28AM EDT0

To connect with others and share my experiences for those that might have or be going through the same as me, to encourage and inspire too. 

Sep 13, 7:07PM EDT0
What was the first place you visited when you started this adventure and what were the reasons you chose this place to be your first?
Sep 12, 6:06AM EDT0

Disney World was my first place when I decided that I wanted to share my adventures. Majical for kids and adults as well! I love Disney World and could never be bored there! I can’t wait to take my new granddaughter! 

Sep 13, 7:12PM EDT0
How do you afford travelling to all the places you visit?
Sep 12, 2:32AM EDT0

Working with partnerships, trade for hotel courtesy reviews, and husbands wallet LOL 

Sep 13, 7:09PM EDT0
What is your favorite form of traveling? Do you prefer cruises, or all-included vacations, traveling by plane or by road?
Sep 11, 7:39PM EDT0

I love any kind of traveling to be honest with you. As long as I am with my hubs. We enjoy any kind of traveling, big or small destinations, as long as we are together. Thank you for asking.

Sep 11, 7:53PM EDT0
How much time did you spend creating your travel bucket list before actually starting to live it?
Sep 11, 7:16PM EDT0

When my kids were toddlers, I created my bucket list, and kept adding to it. LOL Now, that we are empty nesters, we are loving it and getting to do more of my list now. Thank you for asking... Husband just got a motorcycle.. That was on his bucket list.. NOT mine. LOL

Sep 11, 7:50PM EDT0

Would you say that blogging is a therapeutic or healing way to express your feelings?

Sep 11, 5:39PM EDT0

Yes, it is very therapeutic for  me to share my experiences for others that may be going through the same thing, to be able to help someone is my main concern when blogging about my experiences.  Thank you for asking.  

Sep 11, 7:48PM EDT0
What kind of collaborations or partnerships projects are you looking for?
Sep 11, 3:56PM EDT0

Sponsored posts and advertising are my projects at the moment.  I am working with affiliates also. 

Sep 11, 7:46PM EDT0
What were the key challenges of creating a blog and how did you overcome them?
Sep 11, 3:56PM EDT0

Creating good content for my readers is what I always try to do and worry that is it not good enough at times.  Proof reading and more proof reading is key to having a great blog with good content and awesome images too.  

Sep 11, 7:57PM EDT0
How would you define yourselves, as tourist or as travelers and what are the reasons for your choice?
Sep 11, 2:17PM EDT0

Tourism is a part of Travel! So, I guess you would say, "We are travelers".

We are always traveling to awesome places and just being together in our travels is our goal to experience great adventures side by side....

Sep 11, 8:32PM EDT0
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