My Flight One Announces Launch of Hotel Search Engine & Travel Blog | Ask me anything about travel deals

My Flight One
Jul 21, 2018

My Flight One helps thousands find less expensive flights from all over the world. The platform has recently expanded to include a new hotel search engine and blog.

Traveling is one of life’s great adventures, but experts agree, without the right tools to turn to it can be unnecessarily expensive. My Flight One has built a reputation as a new platform that delivers one of the largest search engines for flights all over the world, helping users save both time and money. In exciting news from My Flight One, they recently announced they have expanded their website to now also include a hotel search engine, which can reveal similar levels of deals, along with a very well-written, eye-opening travel blog, sure to keep readers travel interest levels high. The enthusiasm about the new aspects of is high.

“We have made every effort to feature all of the most popular airlines and catch the deals that would likely otherwise be missed,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Now we are bringing the same level of value to hotel searches and our travel blog. We think users of our platform will appreciate the added attention to detail, not to mention adding cheap hotel access on top of cheap flights.”

According to My Flight One, the platforms “search and compare” option comes backed up by a special “best price guarantee”.

Most major airlines and hotels are featured including highlights like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates, and American Airlines.

Recent compelling posts on My Flight One’s new travel blog are highlighted by the potential headache-saver, “Three Things Not to Forget While Traveling”, and “Ten Tips for Traveling Luxurious While on a Budget”, which is sure to inspire more than one remarkable adventure.

For more information be sure to visit

About My Flight One

My Flight One is partnered with JetRadar one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world. We help thousands of people compare airline prices, track down airlines special offers and book the cheapest flight tickets available. Together we are the fastest travel search engine on the web helping users to find flights to all destinations from all the major airlines.

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Are social media sites like Pinterest and, of course, Facebook worth a hotel marketing department’s time? Why or why not?
Jul 23, 11:07AM EDT0

I haven't tried Pinterest but I have tried Facebook and I think social media in general is value source to promote your agency and to expand your circle of network/custoemrs.

Jul 25, 12:42PM EDT0
What would you recommend to a frequent flyer? How can tone down their air fare?
Jul 23, 3:53AM EDT0

I would recommend a frequent flyer to reach out to us or to other travel agencies to make deals on the long-term. For some of our frequent flyers, we even offer them free flight tickets depending on the number of flight tickets they purchase per year.

Jul 25, 12:38PM EDT0
What are some of the major trends that you are seeing in the bookings of hotels and flights?
Jul 22, 10:28PM EDT0

Trends is that every traveler is trying to get a good package (hotel + flight ticket + transportation) for a fair price... we get a lof of questions about travel deals and packages.

Jul 25, 12:40PM EDT0
How important is SEO and SEM or how important should it be to a lodging operator? Why
Jul 21, 10:10PM EDT0

It's very important for reaching large amount of travelers, and it's important for the travel agent/agency so it can be known to other people.

Jul 22, 4:21AM EDT0
Can a person save money by using a travel agent? If so, how?
Jul 21, 12:31PM EDT0

Yes, of course! Travel agent will work on finding you the best deals and can offer you great discounts. For example, we offer our frequent travelers free flight tickets depending on the number of flight tickets and hotels booked made, it’s a great deal for them because they can use their miles for something else.

Jul 21, 4:48PM EDT0
Everyone talks about flights as being a low-margin business and you have to add service fees in order to make it all work. How do you go out to the consumer with a proposition like that?
Jul 21, 9:31AM EDT0

I would focus on the offers, we do offer our loyal customers great deals and great discounts.

Jul 21, 10:50AM EDT0
Customers are starting their searches on mobiles and other devices and maybe booking on another. So what are you doing in that area?
Jul 21, 9:31AM EDT0

You mean to save the flight ticket search on one device and purchase it from another? Maybe we should further explore this option in the future but at the moment we don’t have this functionality in place.

Jul 21, 10:32AM EDT0
What other changes or additions do you anticipate to include in the airfare search engine in future?
Jul 21, 6:54AM EDT0

Currently we have flights, hotels and maybe car hiring will be next in the future.

Jul 21, 10:41AM EDT0
What inspired the creation of My Flight One search engine?
Jul 20, 10:44PM EDT0

What inspired us is that we have a vision of providing holidays that are affordable for most people which we would like to achieve on the long-term. Our vision can only be achieved once we reach a certain amount of loyal travelers.

Jul 21, 4:40AM EDT0
What impact has your partnering with JetRadar has on your sales?
Jul 20, 9:50PM EDT0

For every partnership there are terms which both parties agree upon. I am really sorry but we cannot disclose the terms of our partnership with JetRaddar

Jul 21, 4:44AM EDT0
The travel industry is a large one with more people traveling for one reason or another. If you were to change one thing to make life easier for travellers, besides what you are doing of course, what would it be?
Jul 20, 8:32PM EDT0

It depends on what you mean by "life easier", is it in terms of money or other challenges. Jetlag is one of the things that can make life more challenging for frequent travelers, finding a cheap flight ticket during holiday season can also be a challenge, taxes on flight tickets can be very high on both travelers and travel agencies so I would do something to address the issues above, I hope that answers your question.

Jul 21, 5:16AM EDT0
What are some of the challenges you have faced while running the platform?
Jul 20, 5:29PM EDT0

There are many challenges, one of which is to come up with innovative deals and creative ideas which serve our customers need. The travel industry market is very crowded and there a lot of competitors.

Jul 20, 5:49PM EDT0
What are some of your more popular travel destinations based on the bookings you recieve? In what ways does the popularity of the destination affect the rates given?
Jul 20, 5:21PM EDT0

Currently, most popular travel destinations are Los Angeles and New York, the United States in general. Of course, once the demand for a flight ticket to a particular destination increases, the price goes higher as well

Jul 20, 5:27PM EDT0
How do you come up with the travel deals?
Jul 20, 5:14PM EDT0

There are multiple elements for our travel deals, I will mention the main two:

- Give discounts on multiple flight tickets (customers have to inform us about their booking and we will pay back part of the ticket).

- Free flight tickets based on previous booking and destination (for frequent traverllers who inform us about their booking through our website)

Jul 20, 5:30PM EDT0
Are the airfare prices you display on your website inclusive of taxes? What are some of the additional costs of your flights?
Jul 20, 10:15AM EDT0

Prices shown on our website exclude taxes and booking fees if applicable.

Last edited @ Jul 20, 5:47PM EDT.
Jul 20, 5:30PM EDT0
What’s the relationship between reviews and organic search traffic?
Jul 20, 8:44AM EDT0

Normally, reviews increase the organic search traffic. So the more reviews you have the more traffic you get.

Jul 21, 5:28AM EDT0
How has the addition of hotel searches affected sales on the My Flight One Search engine?
Jul 20, 7:22AM EDT0

We have just added the hotel search recently... so currently the impact is very limited but we expect more sales in the future.

Jul 20, 5:31PM EDT0
What are the key factors of reviews that most affect the search results? What are the key factors that you see that will make a business show up better in local search results, especially on the review sites?
Jul 20, 6:58AM EDT0

I think positive reviews definitely have an impact on the search results and the key factors which make your business show up better in local search results are SEO, targeted organic traffics and social media platforms.

Jul 21, 5:33AM EDT0
If someone asked why they should choose My Flight One, what would you say?
Jul 20, 3:18AM EDT0

That's a great question. People choose My Flight One because of its great discount offers for its loyal frequent travellers. In all transparency and honesty, you might find some flight tickets on other search engines which are cheaper but you can still find a lot of cheap flights on our website comparing to other engines, not to mention the discounts we offer for our loyal customers.

Jul 20, 5:36PM EDT0
What are you doing to get your travel blog leads that will consequently convert to sales for the airfare search engine?
Jul 20, 2:57AM EDT0

The main purpose for our travel blog is to give some great tips for our customers and frequent travellers hopping that by sharing the posts, the number of loyal customers and sales will increase relatively.

Jul 20, 5:38PM EDT0
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