My name is Waithera. I'm a travel blogger & photographer from Nairobi, Kenya. I have travelled all over Kenya, Morocco & Zanzibar and Kenya is still my favourite destination because of its diversity...from the safaris to the beach! Ask me Anything!

Christine Waithera
Jun 11, 2017

I love travel and travelling in Africa especially! Lets chat!

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What's the craziest travel adventure you've been into?

Jun 10, 8:59PM EDT0

Hi Joseph. I havent done anything crazy yet...but I recently went zip lining and it was super fun! Adrenaline got the best of me and i cant wait to try something like bungie jumping or skydiving!

Jun 11, 11:14AM EDT0

Hi! I'm really into photography, can you share some photos from your travels?

Jun 10, 3:23PM EDT0

That's so cool! We have that in common :) You can see my travel photos on my blog Or my instagram here.

Jun 11, 11:16AM EDT0

Can you advise a great book on photography?

Jun 10, 8:26AM EDT0

I have never read any photography books so I cant really help you there *hides* But im hoping to find some soon and i'll definitely tell you about them.

Jun 11, 11:19AM EDT0

Hi, what are your impressions of Morocco?

Jun 10, 1:01AM EDT0

Hi Brian :) Good question. Morocco is a beautiful country that has so much culture and the food is amazing! But it was a bit harder for me to get the full experience since i dont speak the i couldnt easily communicate with most people.

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Jun 10, 3:52AM EDT0

Have you ever lived in a tent?

Jun 9, 11:41PM EDT0

I've camped in a tent for 2 days like 3 different times, if that counts :D

Jun 10, 3:55AM EDT0

Why have you taken up photography?

Jun 9, 10:12PM EDT0

I stumbled upon photography. I started blogging and needed images, so i started on my phone and soon fell in love with shooting and editing images. Capturing a mundane moment makes you appreciate life more... (as corny as that sounds, its true lol)

Jun 11, 11:22AM EDT0

You must be an extremely busy person! How do you relax?

Jun 9, 8:04PM EDT0

I relax by watching films and sleeping. Lol. I also find travelling quite relaxing as I have to be in the moment. 

Jun 11, 11:23AM EDT0

What did you like in Zanzibar?

Jun 9, 5:54PM EDT0

I fell in love with it's Architecture. The Swahili architecture is quite unique and people should definitely travel all the way to see it. I also loved the street food!

Cant wait to go back and swim wth dolphins! :D

Jun 11, 11:25AM EDT0

Hello, Waithera! What other countries have you been to?

Jun 9, 4:41PM EDT0

Hello David! :) Tanzania and Morocco are the only countries i've visited thus far in my 22 years of life. But im planning to conquer the world soon!

Jun 11, 11:26AM EDT0

What's your favourite place in Kenya?

Jun 9, 8:08AM EDT0

A little coastal island called Lamu. The beach there is beautiful, the people are insanely friendly and the Swahili food is everything! And the sunset too! 

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Jun 9, 12:43PM EDT0

Do you travel with a company?

Jun 8, 9:29PM EDT0

It depends on the destination. I went to Zanzibar with a company. I took myself to Morocco to volunteer through AIESEC and I travel around the country with my friends or alone.

Jun 9, 12:46PM EDT0

Do you photograph only nature?

Jun 8, 6:40PM EDT0

Mostly. But I now want to start portraiture and streets. 

Jun 9, 12:47PM EDT0

What about travelling around the world?:-)

Jun 8, 5:33PM EDT0

I definitely have a mission to conquer the world. lol. All in due time :) 

Jun 9, 12:49PM EDT0

How to start your own travel blog?

Jun 8, 5:11PM EDT0

Just start. You can start by blogging about your home town or city then work your way outside. I started on wordpress since it was free and travelled across my city and soon, i got outside my city and then outside my country. 

Jun 9, 1:04PM EDT0

Would you like to become someone famous? Like photographer or blogger?

Jun 8, 4:41PM EDT0

Being famous is not a priority for me but if it happens, I would not mind it. I would just like to create content that is insightful, aesthetic and that people would like. If that comes with fame, then well and good.

Jun 9, 12:54PM EDT0

What do you plan to do in the future?

Jun 8, 3:06PM EDT0

Hi Matthewshah :) I really do not know right now. All i know is that I want to continue travelling throughout Africa and soon the world! Im currently planning a trip somewhere; I dont know where yet, but somewhere :D

Last edited @ Jun 11, 11:27AM EDT.
Jun 9, 1:11PM EDT0

Do you have a favourite dish?

Jun 8, 1:45PM EDT0

Yes Kelly I do :) I really like a Swahili dish called Pilau. Its mostly rice with spices and chicken or fish. It's yummy :)

Jun 9, 12:58PM EDT0

How long have you been travelling across Africa?

Jun 8, 1:29PM EDT0

I started travelling in 2015. So 2 years!

Jun 9, 1:01PM EDT0

Where is the most diverse fauna?

Jun 8, 10:09AM EDT0

From the countries i've visited? I would say Kenya has the most fauna. 

Jun 9, 1:00PM EDT0

Is there a country you want to go back to?

Jun 8, 8:27AM EDT0

I would love to go back to Tanzania and explore more. Especially the mainland.

Jun 9, 12:56PM EDT0
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