My wife and I sold our house and have been living in a 32' Cruiser 5gth wheel for about 5 months. We've learned a lot about full-time RV-ing. Ask me anything!

Jack Huber
Sep 7, 2018

We left Colorado in our 5th wheel in April and made our way through the Midwest to the eastern seaboard and are now staying in a few different resorts in Upstate NY until October.  We've camped in 16 states and traveled over 10,000 miles in just 5 months on the road.  Our rig is a 2011 model we already owned and were using for weekends each summer but had been preparing it for full-time living.  Needless to say, we've learned a lot!  Ask me anything!

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How do you two spend so much time together and not kill each other?
Sep 9, 9:43AM EDT0

I am very fortunate in that my wife is also my best friend.  We really enjoy spending all this time together, believe it or not.

Sep 9, 10:25AM EDT0
Do you ever miss your old social life? What do you miss the most?
Sep 9, 12:14AM EDT0

I do.  I have been singing karaoke for years and still get out to do that when available in whatever town we're in, but it's not as enjoyable without my friends around.  I also miss playing pool in my league.  The most difficult part about leaving Denver is that we don't get to see our friends.  We do keep up with them electronically, but it's not as enjoyable.

Sep 9, 10:24AM EDT0
What are the things that you enjoy the most about living in an RV?
Sep 8, 12:32AM EDT0

I listed 9 of these items in my blog:

Three big reasons we enjoy the RV lifestyle are the solitude of different places we've stayed, the closeness of our relationship being together 24/7, and the fact that if you don;t kile or feel uncomforatble somewhere, you can move.

Sep 8, 7:00AM EDT0
How do you save money RVing and in everyday life?
Sep 7, 10:42PM EDT0

Because we have no real monthly bills other than insurance, our cost of living allows us to put money in savings, even with a lesser income than before I retired.

Sep 8, 6:53AM EDT0
Did both of you want to make the switch to RVing or were one of you the driving force?
Sep 7, 9:49PM EDT0

We both equally wanted to make the new lifestyle happen.  It's difficult when one partner isn't fully committed to it, so I feel fortunate.

Sep 8, 6:52AM EDT0
What factors are important to ponder when choosing an RV?
Sep 7, 6:23PM EDT0

I get this question a lot and there's no one answer.  I recommend starting small and used, then take it out to see how you enjoy using it, i.e the layout, the type of RV, the amenities.  We chose a medium-sized 5th wheel and 1-ton pickup after we initially purchased a large pull trailer.  We realized pretty quickly the the travel trailer would not handle our full-time needs very well.  Many RV'ers will tell you to get one as small as you can be comfortable in, since the larger the unit, the fewer places you can camp and the more difficult it is to park.

Sep 7, 7:23PM EDT0
How do you make a living even though you RV full-time?
Sep 7, 3:43PM EDT0

As long as we have Internet, we can work.  My wife is a consultant for insurance agencies and I am now a full-time writer.  We even arrange to be paid electronically so we don't have to worry about paper checks.

Sep 7, 7:18PM EDT0
How do you make new friends while you are on the road?
Sep 7, 10:40AM EDT0

We haven't really been as successful at that as we thought we would be...  The RV community is very friendly and sociable on the road and in campgrounds.  Some of the the trouble has been that many of the campers we've been around in the last few weeks have been seasonal, who tend to not socialize with us interlopers and concentrate on relationships among themselves.  I'm sure this will change as we move into autumn and the summer season is over.

Sep 7, 7:16PM EDT0
What would be your advice to people thinking about leaving their house behind to live on the road?
Sep 7, 8:21AM EDT0

Downsizing (aka getting rid of stuff) is the most difficult and time consuming chore in the process and I would recommend starting the project many months before hitting the road.  Even if you do this, you'll still be recognizing things you thought you would use but don't.

Sep 7, 8:51AM EDT0
Are there any special appliances that are needed to in an RV that wouldn't be useful in a regular house? What are the reasons for this?
Sep 7, 5:42AM EDT0

The generator would not be useful very often in a regular house, nor the WiFi Ranger, since you would probably bring Internet to your house directly.  Also the portable icemaker would be redundant.

Sep 7, 8:48AM EDT0
What is the most important lesson you have learned so far during your time on the road?
Sep 7, 12:11AM EDT0

Take care of small problems on the RV ASAP, before they turn into large problems.

Sep 7, 8:42AM EDT0
What are your budgeting strategies? What are the most important expenses to considerate when planning a road trip?
Sep 6, 10:51PM EDT0

Just like when we were in a stationary home, we get together to go over the budget and schedule bills to be paid once per month, usually around the 5th.  For years, I have taken care of the budget and my wife the checkbooks and bill pay.  The largest road trip expenses can be fuel, campground expense (if any) and entertainment.  We have these categories in our budget along-side our usual monthly expenses.

Sep 7, 8:41AM EDT0
Do you have special hardware to get a decent internet service while on the road? What equipment is it?
Sep 6, 3:15PM EDT0

We have two, actually.  One is the weBoost 4G for RV's and the other is the WiFi Ranger.  Here's my review of the WiFi Ranger:

The weBoost enhances most carriers' cell signals, keeping in mind that you can't enhance 0 bars, up to 32 times, including data connection.  This means that you can boost a 1-bar connection to 4 or even 5 bars.

The WiFi Ranger boosts local wifi signals up to 2 miles away and lets you become a priroty user on most networks.  For example you might have a weak wifi signal at a campground, or maybe a McDonald's is a mile away but you can still detect the distant signal, the Ranger will enhance either of these, or even combine them, to give you the best Internet connection possible.

Between these two devices, we have only been completely without Internet in one location since we left Colorado several months ago, and that was in the remote Badlands in South Dakota.

Sep 6, 4:08PM EDT0
Are you planning to have road trips to other countries in the Americas? Which would be your first destination outside the US?
Sep 6, 9:31AM EDT0

We do plan on visting Canada, but we're not so keen on south of the border.  Perhaps someday if we join a bunch of travel friends we would caravan to Mexico or locations farther south.

Sep 6, 10:46AM EDT0
What are the most essential items needed for living on the road for so long?
Sep 5, 11:05AM EDT0

Several days ago I posted a blog about the top accessories and gadgets we use regularly in the RV (, otherwise we have most of the same stuff we had in our sticks-and-bricks house -- refigerator/freezer,  stove, air conditioner, shower, TV's, office, etc.

Sep 5, 11:57AM EDT0
What do you miss the most about your previous life in a regular house?
Sep 5, 6:20AM EDT0

More than the house, we miss our friends more than anything.  That was and is the hardest part of becoming nomads, leaving them all behind.  We will fly into Denver for a Christmas party and then see them again next July and August when we return to the area for a few weeks.

Sep 5, 7:56AM EDT0
How do you solve medical issues? Do you have trusted doctors in every city?
Sep 5, 1:54AM EDT0

Our health insurance plan includes medical visits by phone and computer for diagnosing smaller issues and writing prescriptions, which we've used a couple of times.  No, we don't know any doctors or facilities in a particular town, so we have to choose one when needed.  We plan to return to Colorado every summer to see our regular doctors, dentists, etc., and to catch up with friends.

Last edited @ Sep 5, 7:58AM EDT.
Sep 5, 7:54AM EDT0
What is a Thousand Trails membership? How does it work?
Sep 3, 11:32PM EDT0

Thousand Trails is similar to a time-share company but for campground sites.  We bought an Elite plan that allows us to stay for free in any one of the resorts in their system for up to 21 days.  We can then move to another Thousand Trails campgrounds.  We added a Trails Collection program that gives us addition Encore properties that we can stay in up to 14 days at a time but with some restrictions.  Between the two, there are hundreds of resorts we can use, and we've been staying in these for about 3 out of every 4 stays since we left Colorado.  You can buy just a regional pass, such as Pacific Coast, with more restrictions as well.  The only other issue is that there are very few Thousand Trails parks in the midwest-- they are concentrated mostly on the two coastlines and in the south.

Sep 4, 8:03AM EDT0
What is it about having a regular house and life not constantly on the road that you find boring or unappealing?
Sep 3, 8:36PM EDT0

The United Sates is a very large country.  There's just no way to see everything we want to see by making trips from a house, no matter where it's located.  Selling the house and not having the monthly expenses and upkeep allows us to afford this lifestyle, and we are loving it!

Sep 4, 7:57AM EDT0
For how long do you usually drive in one go? Do you take breaks?
Sep 2, 9:05PM EDT0

We try to limit a day's drive to five hours, and we average around two.  If it's going to be a longer drive than that, we plan a boondocking day in between.  One nice thing about RV Trip Wizard is that it maps out the route as we add stops, so we can tell how long between destinations.

Sep 3, 6:54PM EDT0
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