NYC is absolutely my favorite among all the places I've been to. Now living and working in NYC, I can provide a lot of insights whether you are simply visiting or planning to stay as an expat. AMA!

Steven Thomas
May 14, 2018

Hello! If you are planning to visit or stay in NYC, you are in the right place. I've been a tourist and a resident in the past 5 years. The transition comes when I started working for a bus tour sightseeing company.

Even though NYC is a melting pot, you will still find some difficulties when you first come here, from transportation, accommodation, food, language, culture, to finding a job. I'm happy to answer anything. Just leave a comment!

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Tell me what you think of the City Reliquary, it's one of my favorite museums!

May 15, 6:00PM EDT0
What measures has TopView sightseeing taken to be accessible to the handicapped or tourists with mobility issues?
May 15, 6:59AM EDT0
What are your hours of operation and what is your tour schedule?
May 14, 8:06PM EDT0
In what languages are the tours conducted?
May 14, 5:08PM EDT0
What is TopView’s cancellation and refund policy?
May 14, 3:30PM EDT0
What forms of payment does TopView accept?
May 14, 10:35AM EDT0
Where should travellers pick up sightseeing tickets that have been purchased online and do you provide group discounts?
May 14, 10:02AM EDT0
When does the clock on the timed packages start and how long are TopView tours?
May 14, 9:55AM EDT0
Is it possible to get on the Liberty Cruise with a printout of an online voucher, why or why not?
May 14, 5:09AM EDT0
What are some of the unique packages or features that TopView offers tourists?
May 14, 4:01AM EDT0
What should a person do if they do not receive a confirmation email regarding an online booking?
May 14, 3:15AM EDT0
What are some of the reasons TopView has streamlined its mode of transportation for its tours to that of buses?
May 14, 2:33AM EDT0
What is the best time to travel to NYC?
May 14, 1:49AM EDT0
What is the difference between hours of operation and ticket validity?
May 13, 7:47PM EDT0
What about New York City do you find magical and why does it continue to be a favourite tourist destination?
May 13, 6:57PM EDT0
What is the best Broadway show currently on circuit?
May 13, 5:39PM EDT0

Phantom of the Opera is a must-see.

My personal favorite is Kinky Boots. Jersey Boys is on my top list too.

May 14, 1:54PM EDT0
How far is the airport, rail station and bus terminal from the hotels?
May 13, 3:59PM EDT0

There are a few airports around NYC: JFK, La Guardia, Newark. The closest one is La Guardia - it's actually in Queens. 

Rail station: Grand Central Terminal. It's in the heart of Manhattan.

Bus terminal: Port Authority Terminal. Also in midtown Manhattan.

Depends on where you live, but you should be able to get to your hotel within 2 hours.

May 14, 1:52PM EDT0
Does TopView offer tours in other cities and what are some of the unfamiliar sights in New York that will be included in the tours?
May 13, 6:02AM EDT0

Hello! So far TopView is only in New York. If you are looking for unfamiliar sights, you may be interested in the Bronx Tour (only available in a package) and Brooklyn Tour.

May 14, 1:50PM EDT0
What are some of the best places to eat for foodies?
May 13, 5:08AM EDT0

If you just have time for one place, go to the Restaurant Row located in Hell's Kitchen (near Time Square). From there you will find different types of cuisine. 

Generally speaking Downtown has more unique restaurants while Midtown and Uptown are more classy.

May 14, 1:41PM EDT0
Which sights or experiences in New York City do you think are underappreciated and what are your reasons for saying so?
May 13, 2:21AM EDT0

I'd recommend two places: 

1. One World Observatory: it's not as famous as the Empire State Building (probably because it's newer), but the view from there is absolutely stunning.

2. The Spy Museum: this is a new museum opened recently. There are a lot of fun things to do that gives you a real spy experience (think laser rooms!) It's not very well-known yet but definitely a gem!

I guess things are underappreciated in NYC are mostly because there are too many other attractions that have earned the fame through movies and TV shows. Those are worth visiting of course, but there are a lot out there for you to explore.

May 14, 1:46PM EDT0
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