Philippine beaches is where you want to be! Tin here, a world traveler who once lived in West Virginia and been to other states. A current active hiker & beach hopper in the Philippines. Ask Me Anything!

Tin Atienza
Jun 9, 2017


from north, south, east, west of the Philippines is where I have been. Not your typical travel buddy because I don't go to main stream tourist destination.  from hiking to beach hopping you can count on me and I will guide you through. 

I can also surpirse you if you want to go in one of the states in the u.s.a because I can guide you to a place that can give you a vibe of traveling like a hollywood start!

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Could you name any family destination - I have 3 kids)

Jun 9, 2:09AM EDT0

Hi Andrea

My suggestions are;

1.) Philippines- Aside from Its very cheap to travel here there's alot of beaches, resorts, malls and activites to do here. Its a famliy friendly country, minors have curfew though ( all 18yrs old below after 10pm-5am they can't go out of the house) 

2.) Thailand, Ko lanta Yai - There’s decent snorkelling and diving nearby, plus caves to explore, kayaking and other watersports. The island is popular with families, especially on Janurary where they celebrate a festival to commemorate the Thai King. Free activities and public transportation rides for the kids on this month.

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Jun 9, 8:47AM EDT0
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Hi Tin! What's the place you'll recommend most? sth cheap))

Jun 8, 6:22PM EDT0

HI John,

Well I usually recommend the Philippines, its really cheap to travel here and also to live here compared to other countries. cigars & beers here are really cheap you can buy a bottle of beer here for a $1, you can go to beautiful beaches and spend $100 for an overnight stay (foods, activites, & transportation included) 

Jun 9, 8:54AM EDT0
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Hi, Tin! How many things do you usually take with you?

Jun 8, 2:27PM EDT0

HI Ann,

when going hiking I only bring one bag pack (just pack light) bring only the things that you really need too. You don't want to go climb a mountain and carry a havy bag pack with you.

when traveling International, I bring a small luggage bag and a medium size shoulder bag/bag pack where I put my important docs and gadgets, small for local travels.

Jun 9, 9:02AM EDT0
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Tin, you seem to lead a fascinating life!! What's your favourite destination?

Jun 8, 7:34AM EDT0

HI Richard,

Thank you if you think my life is fascinating :)

My Favourite destination so far is New York, USA I know its very main stream to say or it has no wow factor as for some traveller but when I went there for the first time it gave me this confidence to get lost (literally) It was my first time to really travel alone and I have no maps, no Itinerary or plans to where and what to do there. I wasn't scared to get lost also didn't care, New York gave me that feeling :) it was amazing to feel that way. 

Jun 8, 8:10AM EDT0
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What's your favourite native dish?

Jun 8, 3:57AM EDT0

Hi Sylvia,

hhmmm my favourite native dish are 1.Pork Sisig. It is a Filipino dish made from parts of pig's like head and liver.

From: Max's Restaurant

2.Bicol Express, it is a stew made from long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork and garlic.

photo by: Roanne

have you tried any Filipino Cuisine? 

Jun 8, 8:27AM EDT0
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I'd like to try some local fruits - what are they?

Jun 7, 9:45AM EDT0

HI Keith,

Local Fruits from the Philippines? we have tons!

Rambutan- Native to tropical Southeast Asia, it small and sweet.

Photo by: abscbn

lanzones- can be really sweet when chosen correctly but sour if its still young

Photo by: BaconTunaMelt blog

Atis or known as sugar-apple its has a creamy white flesh has a custard like flavor.

Photo by: Jagdambafarm

those are just my top 3 but theres alot of really good local fruits in the Philippines. 

Jun 8, 8:47AM EDT0
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My travel photos are simply awful(( What's your secret, Tin?

Jun 7, 7:23AM EDT0

oh wow, thank you if you think my photos (from my IG travel account) is good :)

Well I would be really honest here, at first I though just using smart phone is enough and editing it with some app would do just fine however its not. For me it wasn't enough I really want good quality and a picture that shows its real color so I use my SLR Canon rebel camera. I use Adobe Light room to edit the dirt from the lens of my camera (if they have) and sometimes I also adjust the lightings in the photo using Light room.

Jun 8, 8:56AM EDT0
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Hopelessly searching for some great virgin beaches - I need total relaxation near water.

Jun 7, 4:28AM EDT0

HI Zphillips,

May I know what country/destination do you prefer? International or somewhere near your state?

Jun 8, 9:02AM EDT0
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There's a problem - I have a cat, but I'm going to travel a lot. Need some advise!

Jun 7, 2:51AM EDT0

Hi Kenneth

No need to worry that much because cats are very indepent animals. I have a cousin who have 2 cats and we travel together most of the time, what she does is she leaves them with plenty of water & a generous amount of food when traveling for a day- week however if you don't want your cat to get lonely there's this pet salon that you could leave your pets with them if your going out of town. its like a hotel/inn for pets with care services, another option is to look for a pet sitter.

Note: you can try to train your cat 2 weeks before your travel. leave your pet alone from time to time, leave them with food,water,toys, sand box. evaluate how your cat did for that day.

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Jun 8, 9:16AM EDT0
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What should a traveller have in their first-aid kit? Thanks

Jun 6, 7:55PM EDT0

HI Estanton

Good question! I believe that it depends on the traveller.

Mine are;

medicine- I have ulcer so I have to take meds from time to time, also other basic medicines for headache, stomach ache, allergy, cuts and burns.

Band aid, alcohol, cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze pads, safety pins, Flashlight, lighter, small pocket knife and mosquito repellents. 

Jun 8, 9:33AM EDT0


Jun 13, 7:31AM EDT0

Any travel memoir book in the future?

Jun 6, 7:45PM EDT0

HI james,

I love your question!!it would be a dream come true if I do one however I really haven't though of that, I might since you opened it up haha. maybe in time when my exprience and travels are good enough for me to create one :)

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Jun 8, 9:47AM EDT0
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Do you travel alone?

Jun 6, 7:21PM EDT0

HI Joseph

No I don't. I travel with different people, mostly with friends, sister, cousin and at times I call myself " a joiner" I join groups who organize travels and I also join in a community of hikers. 

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Jun 8, 9:44AM EDT0
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How do you single out a good beach?))

Jun 6, 5:10PM EDT0

what I look for in a beach is the water, it should be clean it doesn't matter to me if the sand is not white. The crowd, I hate crowded places so less crowd = to better beach. 

most importantly the view or its ambiance again it should be clean, more trees is a plus points and just pure mother nature. 

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Jun 8, 10:00AM EDT0
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Do you take any books with you? any recommendations?))

Jun 6, 3:41PM EDT0

Hi Bill,

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

My old time favorite is the "Chicken soup for the Soul" ( it has tons of edition) another old time fave is the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" also I'm into business books like  "Devil's Strategy" "Creative Management" "Marketing idea" all written by Damrong Pinkoon

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Jun 8, 10:07AM EDT0
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Have you thought about changing rout - going to Europe, maybe?

Jun 6, 11:52AM EDT0

Hi Richard,

Are you proposing to me to move to europe? :))

I have though about it and its in my bucket list so yes definitely will go to Europe.

Jun 8, 10:11AM EDT0
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Why have you chosen travelling, Tin?

Jun 6, 11:28AM EDT0

Hi Robert,

Good question! Because it feeds my soul and I'am my true self when Im out there. :) :) :)

Jun 8, 10:15AM EDT0
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Hi Tin! I would really love to go nature tripping... Can you recommend some places that  I can go to with my 4 year old son? Thank you so much! 

Jun 6, 10:53AM EDT0

HI may!

by checking on your profile you also live in Manila like me! :) well in that case you can never go wrong in visitng Tagaytay with the view of Taal Volcano. You can also hike the Taal volcano, its easy and its recommended for family outing. you have an option when going up the mountain to ride a 4x4 car or you can also ride a 4 wheels motor bike. all the rides are safe they have your guide for each ride. if you don't want to go all the way up the mountain you can just reach the lake area of the tour.  

alot of restaurants with the view of Taal mt. is everywhere in the said area. 

Jun 6, 12:39PM EDT0

The main transport type for you is ...

Jun 6, 7:19AM EDT0

is through Land Transportation; Cars, buses, vans, motorbikes & trains.

Its more conveniet, affordable and you can basically go everywhere. It doesn't matter if it requires a long hour of drive/ride coz I know every trip is worth it.

Jun 6, 10:51AM EDT1
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I hate heat - what are my best locations?) Thanks

Jun 6, 6:49AM EDT1


well I have 3 destinations in mind;

1.)Stockholm, Europe The city can be sunny but without the sweat. Its city is built on the water, which always has a refreshing breeze from the Baltic Sea.

2.)Oymyakon & Verkhoyansk both in Russia (never been there but its in my bucket list!) both are said to be the coldest place of the world to live in on earth. Both have low residency rate and its average temp is -90F and can drop to -50F so if you are an adventurer  who are hungry for a taste of the extreme why not try this place? :)

3.) Antartica, Vostok Station (also never been there) another one of the coldest place on earth. Activites are more on snow boarding etc..

Jun 6, 11:01AM EDT0
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I'm looking for our honeymoon destination - can you come up with some real romantic spot?:)

Jun 6, 6:30AM EDT0


hhmm..if your up for a romantic & fun honeymoon California Palm Springs is the one! they have this retro-fun vibe and their mid century modern masterpieces are their famous hall mark. You can stay at the Sprarrow Lodge (rates from $120 up) which most of the rooms have private terraces. Hanging out at the famous bar with the best martini while listening to a really good live bands. You could also do a day trip in the near side beaches.

Also Bahamas, Harbour Island where the famous pink sand beach is located. You can stay at the Tingum Village hotel (rates $145 up)

Jun 6, 11:13AM EDT0
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