Philippines is not just about beaches. Let me introduce the summer capital of my country. The city of pines, Baguio. Ask Me Anything.

Kassandra Tabaquin
Sep 20, 2017

Hi, I am Kassandra. I've been residing here in Baguio City for almost four years now. So far I've already visited some of the wonderful tourist spots that the city can offer. Some of them are Botanical Garden, The Mansion, Bencab Museum, Burnham Park, Minesview Park, and Wright Park. These tourist spots posses the true beauty of God's and Man's creation through its majestic scenery and beautiful landscapes.


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Are the traditions of Baguio City any different to other parts of the Philippines and if so how and in what way?

Sep 20, 2:56PM EDT0

How does the cost of living in Baguio City compare to Manila?

Sep 20, 1:57PM EDT0

How's the cost of living in Baguio?

Sep 20, 12:19PM EDT0

What is the predominent religion in Baguio City?

Sep 20, 12:02PM EDT0

What is the average salary for people working in Baguio?

Sep 20, 9:41AM EDT0

What types of business are popular in Baguio?

Sep 20, 9:13AM EDT0

Since the City of Baguio is highly urbanized city located in northern Luzon and visited by tourists all year round because of its cool climate and breathtaking nature destinations. The high influx of tourists has made the city become the center of business as well as commerce in northern Luzon and Cordillera Administrative region. Some popular types of business here in baguio are the Pasalubong business or the souvenir shops, second is the transient house business or the accomodation services for tourist, third is car rental or tour guides services and lastly is food business.

Sep 20, 9:27AM EDT0
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Do most people speak English?

Sep 19, 11:15PM EDT0

In the poll, three-fourths of Filipino adults (76 percent) say they understand spoken English; 75 percent say they read English; three out of five (61 percent) say they're comfortable writing in English; close to half (46 percent) say they speak English; about two-fifths (38 percent) say they think in English; while 8 percent say they are not competent in any way when it comes to the English language.

Sep 20, 8:57AM EDT0
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Is it difficult to find a job in your country?

Sep 19, 10:59PM EDT0

It is not actually difficult to find a job here, there are a lot of jobs that is offering here in the Philippines, however the problem is that the people looking for a work might not actually fit with the job maybe because the course that they graduated is different from the workers that companies needed.

Sep 20, 3:01PM EDT0

The good thing is that we have BPO companies here in the Philippines. It gave opportunities to Filipinos to earn a higher salary and get benefits even if they're undergrad or still studying as long as they could communicate well in English (both written and verbal). I have seen foreign people who work for BPOs. I believe native English speaker will definitely land a job here in any BPO company as long as they have legal papers to work here. I think this link is a good read. 

Sep 20, 9:27PM EDT0

Do you have a dream destination that you would love to visit?

Sep 19, 7:03AM EDT0

There is no specific destination that I would love to visit, since I love exploring and discovering the beauty of our world, I would love to travel around the world if given the chance.

Sep 20, 9:03AM EDT0
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How cold does it get in Baguio?

Sep 19, 6:01AM EDT0

The lowest recorded temperature in Baguio was 6.3 degrees Celsius on January 18, 1961. This is in contrast to the all-time high of 30.4 degrees Celsius recorded on March 15, 1988 during the 1988 El Niño season. Baguio seldom exceeds 26 degrees Celsius even during the warmest part of the year.

Sep 19, 9:41AM EDT0
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How do you celebrate Christmas, New Year, etc?

Sep 19, 5:46AM EDT0

How old are you and what city or village do you live?

Sep 19, 5:30AM EDT0

I am 19 years old turning 20 on March 2018. I'm currently residing at one of the Barangays of Baguio City which is Aurora Hill.

Sep 20, 3:25PM EDT0

Do you see yourself staying in Baguio for the foreseeable future? 

Sep 19, 2:02AM EDT0

I've been staying in baguio for almost 4 years now, I cannnot speak of what is about to happen in the future, However if I am to decide, as a graduating student opportunities is likely to come and that may include leaving Baguio.

Sep 19, 11:04AM EDT0

I understand. Good luck to you wherever you may end up, hopefully traveling the world! :)

Sep 20, 2:00PM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter and can you share a link?

Sep 19, 12:32AM EDT0

I'm from Europe, do I need a visa to visit your country or any immunisations?

Sep 18, 11:58PM EDT0

No, visa is not needed in travelling here in the Philippines if you're from Europe.

Last edited @ Sep 19, 8:33PM EDT.
Sep 19, 8:32PM EDT0

Cool, what countries do need a visa and if I visit places in the country do I need to take any health precautions? Can I drink water everywhere or should I buy bottled water?

Sep 20, 1:52PM EDT0

Do you have any cultural festivals that are of interest to foreigners?

Sep 18, 9:37PM EDT0

Yes, the city of pines is known with its famous festival which is the Panagbenga or the parade of flowers celebrated during the month of February.

Sep 18, 9:49PM EDT0
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What sights should I see and is there anything I need to observe?

Sep 18, 9:04PM EDT0

As I mentioned above there are many tourist spots that the city can offer one of them is the minesview park wherein you can witness the beautiful mountains. Since the city is famous with its customs and traditions might as well observe how the natives preserves their culture.

Last edited @ Sep 19, 1:54AM EDT.
Sep 18, 9:57PM EDT0
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I would love to visit the Bontanic Gardens - how was your experience there?

Sep 18, 9:02PM EDT0

It was amusing since in Botanical Garden you can see beautiful landscapes and the ambiance of the place is very peaceful.

Sep 18, 9:47PM EDT0
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When is the best time to visit and where?

Sep 18, 6:37PM EDT0

The best time to visit Baguio is during last week of February , because this is the month wherein the city is celebrating PANAGBENGA / FLOWER FESTIVAL.

Sep 18, 9:45PM EDT0
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What is the prettiest part of the Filippines if you are interested in nature?

Sep 18, 5:18PM EDT0

There is no specific part of the Philippines that is pretty because every village or town has its unique spot for adventure, some are already discovered but most are not yet since the Philippines is surrounded by water, beaches are oftenly visited by everyone. More importantly if your looking for adventure to feel nature it is rest assured that the Philippine will give you its best as long as you know how to give respect to its everyones culture.

Last edited @ Sep 19, 10:58AM EDT.
Sep 19, 10:57AM EDT0

I agree, every country has its beautiful spots. What do most Philippinos work in the country? Is there a lot of agriculture? Do you recommend hiring a car and exploring of my own back or is it better to use public transport?

Sep 20, 1:51PM EDT0
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