Crossing Travel

Bespoke Travel Company


Bespoke Travel Company

We are a team of passionate people - passionate about travel, hotels, experiences and most important of all people. We do this not because we have to (oh yes! we could be sunning ourselves silly on the beach!) but because we want to.

We travel to every destination we can, we stay and visit every hotel that will be worthy of you. Not only will we get you the best offers and deals and negotiate on your behalf, we will also make sure you have the insider secrets on the best bar to unwind in after your hectic day of work or the perfect family beach to leave it all behind.

Crossing is a community, a family, a friendship. It makes money for sure - someone has to pay for the coffee and post its. You will never be paying more than anywhere else (grandparents don’t count). We are like you - cut from the same cloth - we want the best experience, the best luxury money can buy and the best friend who we can turn to for any help on a trip. We get to know you, your preferences and create vacations and suggest hotels that you would like.


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