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Author of The Children Of Midgard. Writer of Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Myth & Legend


Author of The Children Of Midgard. Writer of Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Myth & Legend

I have been writing for many years, to start with it was part of my job to write for magazines and websites, but then recovery from a serious illness gave me the time to concentrate on my book.  I have a real interest in history particularly the Viking era, and love the research part of any project!  Since my book was published I've done radio interviews, readings and taken part in my first book festival.  Later this year I have book signings and more festivals to look forward to!

I write and develop strong female and male leading characters.  I believe women deserve a voice, as do men, be it fictional or in everyday life.  My characters face difficult decisions, obstacles,  and challenges as people in this era often did.  Although there is a great deal of adventure and elements of fantasy, it is important that we can relate to the characters we are reading about!

Ask me anything about writing, getting published, research, Viking era, overcoming ill health, determination/self-belief/pushing forward, pituitary illness, and just about anything else!

CHILDREN of MIDGARDThe year is 961 and King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark has his gaze firmly set on the Western Kingdoms of Norway where his nephew Harald Greycloak reigns.  Bluetooth has declared Greycloak as his vassal King of Norway and will claim the establishment of the Jomsvikings.  In doing so he will solidify the order, building a keep for the warriors he intends to use to create a fleet of men who will rule the seas under his command. However, the order is older than one man's claim and consists of many who have their own destinies separate from the feuding monarchs.  There are men of honour and worth and there are those who seek naught but power and privilege, searching only to prosper from the misery of others.  There are tales of a legendary ring and a child who is said to be the progeny of the All-Father.


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