Manjul Rathee

CEO & Founder of Soulscape


CEO & Founder of Soulscape

l'm a traveller and a social entrepreneur passionate about creating products and services for the greater good.

Growing up in India, I travelled far and wide to some of the most fascinating and remote regions. But life changed fast. As a ‘grown up’ I was slogging in the city, completely wired with at least 3 mobile devices at all times living the fast life that made it impossible to even stop and take a deep breath. This is probably the story of many.

Tired of long working hours and the never ending stress despite a fat paycheck, I had started planning regular breaks to do a ‘full system reboot’ (as she calls it) where each of these breaks had traces of creativity, culture and wellness. This self made formula had starting working well, so much so that in 2017 I launched Soulscape to enable me to share my magic potion with others ensuring each experience comprises of these 3 carefully balanced components.



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