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Unleash the Master Athlete Within!


Unleash the Master Athlete Within!

Interesting how the past seems to come back around. Being a self-motivated youth athlete playing sports such as Volley-ball (my fav.), Floor Hockey, Baseball, Track and Field, and Dodge ball, moving my body was the game! Which was quite rewarding in many ways.  During my high school years, a new wave of fitness started...the "Aerobic BOOM" and boy were we BOOMING! Moving our bodies to music of 145 - 150 bpm! I took on a part-time at a local gym where I taught five classes every evening, adding in my Track and Field training....I was on fire! I continued to teach classes well into my forties, while operating my business, Velocity Athletic Training. I have now shifted  gears with my personal journey in Athleticism and that is - I'm embarking on the road  to becoming a Master Athlete. Yes, a Master Athlete is anyone over the age of 35 years old. Since I began this profound journey, I have been blogging about it. Have YOU started this journey as well? If you have.... Feel free to Ask me Anything!


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  • Over 30 years experience in the Health and Wellness arena.

  • Three years of Kinesiology at SFU

  • Applied Nutrition Diploma

  • Certifed Personal Training

  • Sports Coaching


  • SPIN Instructor

  • Aqua-Fitness

  • STEP

  • CSEP

  • Pilates

  • Aerobics


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