We are couple bloggers who have full-time jobs and travel around the world. We plan to complete all states in the US and India, soon, and are currently at the halfway mark. Ask us anything!

With A Suitcase
Feb 3, 2018

We're Nik and Meg, travellers, bloggers and storytellers at With A Suitcase (www.withasuitcase.com)

Our love for writing, photography, and travel brought us together and continues to inspire us everyday. We're travelling around the world at our pace, be it to offbeat destinations or big cities. Vegetarian food, romantic getaways, sustainable travel, outdoor activities and adventure feature high on our list!

We have also been featured in newspapers, radio shows, magazines and online media worldwide. 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/withasuitcase

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Can people get a part-time job with a travel visa so they can work while traveling?

Feb 9, 1:10PM EST0

Do you have any personal favorite travel hacks?

Feb 9, 7:16AM EST0

According to you which online travel websites are currently changing the travel industry?

Feb 9, 6:06AM EST0


Was there ever a place that you did not want to go visit? 

Feb 8, 9:16AM EST0

Hi. Don't think there has been such a place yet but we'd probably avoid unsafe destinations in terms of violence and epidemics. 

Feb 8, 10:31PM EST0

- How much in advance do you plan your trips? 

- Eating out can be expensive, how do you manage your daily food expenses? 

- Do you have any tips on travelling with a baby? 

- I notice you've done a lot of road trips, what has been the most senic, so far? 

Feb 7, 11:36AM EST0

Hello Naimeesha,

- We are unpredictable that way! There have been times when we planned a trip 2 months in advance, and other ocassions, when we just took off in the morning.

- We love eating in hole-in-the-wall, local cafes. Apart from being delicious and authentic, they are also inexpensive. We go allout only for one fancy meal per trip. Also, carrying healthy snacks and water from home goes a long way in reducing unnecessary expenses on food. 

- No baby yet but we have some ideas for in the future! Working around a child's schedule is probably key - let them eat, sleep and play according to their usual routine, and they could be easier to handle. 

- Tough one but if we could pick two: one is in the Andamans in India (along the Havelock coastline), and the other is a fall drive up the White Mountains in New Hampshire, USA.

Feb 8, 10:29PM EST0

How to know where to sleep each night, what to eat during the day? How to properly organize?

Feb 6, 3:27PM EST0

Hi. We travel using a combination of preplanning and just going-with-the-flow so each experience is different. Before reaching the destination, we research and make a list of things that we definitely want to do and restaurants we want to eat at. Sometimes, booking budget hotels a day before (using HotelTonight) and carrying healthy snacks in our bag helps us make last minute decisions too. 

Feb 8, 5:15PM EST0

How to go out of your comfort zone when you’re experiencing anxiety?

Feb 6, 1:57PM EST0

Hi. This is a great question as we have had some uncomfortable experiences, during travel, in the past. For example, while visiting Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, USA, we were nervous about feeling claustrophobic in the caves. We overcame this by talking to other people doing this tour and finally, just conquered our fears!

Feb 6, 11:39PM EST0

How to calculate the amount of money that you will waste during the day on any travel adventure?

Feb 6, 1:42PM EST0

Hi. Do you mean spend? Calculating this amount comes with practice, judgment and the level of comfort required. There is no one way to do this but we set a budget for the entire trip and try to stick to it. If there are some unseen expenses, we just make a decision whether or not to spend, on the spot. This can easily be tracked using some apps on the phone. 

Last edited @ Feb 6, 11:35PM EST.
Feb 6, 11:34PM EST0

Taking too much free times will ruin my career?

Feb 6, 9:44AM EST0

Hi. Travelling a lot with full-time jobs doesn't have to ruin your career! We have found a way to work around holidays, weekends, and paid vacation leave. If anything, it has actually improved productivity at work. 

Feb 6, 11:27PM EST0

What is the best budget for a one-month trip to the India?

Feb 6, 7:23AM EST0

Hi Dave. You can get by with any budget between 2000-3000 USD per month, excluding flights, insurance and visas. We'd be happy to help you plan a detailed trip with costs, get in touch with us via email (withasuitcase@gmail.com). 

Feb 6, 11:25PM EST0

How long do you usually stay in one place when your travel?

Feb 5, 6:15PM EST0

Hi. Usually a week, but it depends on what the place offers and its distance from us. Also because we keep full-time jobs. Our longest trip so far has been to Greece i.e. Athens, Santorini and Mykonos for 10 days. 

Feb 6, 11:14PM EST0

Does the title "With A Suitcase" mean that you prefer suitcases over backpacks?

Feb 5, 6:15PM EST0

Hi Ayanna. Nothing like that! In fact, With A Suitcase is called so because we aim to carry just "one" suitcase/bag/backpack on our travels. 

Feb 6, 11:11PM EST0

Are you guys both fond of travelling in the beginning or did one of you start the idea and just convinced the other to come to appreciate it as well?

Feb 5, 6:27AM EST0

Hi. When we spoke for the first time, we discovered that we shared a love for travelling and exploring new destinations around the world. But it was Meg who decided to put this passion to paper. Over time, our love for writing, photography and travel, became the blog, With A Suitcase. 

Feb 5, 10:47PM EST0

When did you start having the love for travelling?

Feb 5, 3:44AM EST0

Hello. We realized our interest in discovering new places almost from the first few months we spoke to each other i.e. in 2012. In the case of blogging, With A Suitcase was born as an idea because of a love for writing, photography and travel. 

Feb 5, 10:36PM EST0

What were your most difficult/challenging trips and how did you handle the situation?

Feb 5, 3:14AM EST0

Hi. Two incidents come to mind, immediately! One was a bus journey up the hills of south India that resulted in severe motion sickness. We stopped the ride several times and had to take medicines to ease the pain. Another was a gruelling yet rewarding hike up a Himalayan range. Our heavy backpacks along with the drastic weather changes posed challenges that we overcame by taking frequent breaks and slowing our pace. 

Feb 5, 10:30PM EST0

What are the best places you have been to so far?

Feb 4, 8:34PM EST0

Hi Patricia. Every place we've visited has had its own charm and beauty so this is a tough pick. But our favorite countries so far have been India (the Himalayas!), the islands of Greece and Machu Pichu in Peru. 

Feb 5, 10:20PM EST0

Which country do you plan on completing your travels in first, the US or India?

Feb 4, 6:42PM EST0

Hi. We are currently based out of the US, so looks like we'll be completing all the US states first! 

Feb 5, 10:15PM EST0

Where can your audience find your radio interviews and other news features?

Feb 4, 3:42PM EST0

Hi. You can find information about us and our work on our travel blog, With A Suitcase. We update this regularly. You can get access to our features on http://withasuitcase.com/featured/. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Feb 4, 5:00PM EST0

What jobs do you have and how do you work around your schedules to find time to travel?

Feb 4, 2:21PM EST0

Hi. Nik is a consultant in the US healthcare industry, and I (Meg) am a scientific writer. We work full-time along with juggling freelance assignments, and are passionate about this. When it comes to travelling, we utilize all weekends, national holidays and vacation/casual leave to our benefit. We also maximize on travel when work schedules are light. 

Feb 4, 4:57PM EST0

Do you have a YouTube channel that features your travels?

Feb 4, 9:16AM EST0

Hi Caityln, we have a YouTube channel (With A Suitcase) that we haven't updated much. 2018 will be the year that's going to change, so stay tuned!

Feb 4, 4:51PM EST0
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